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They're both very beautiful.


I must say that I miss your country. I spent 2 6-month deployments there...one in 87-88, and the other during 89-90. I was in the USMC and was stationed at a place called Warrior Base which was north of the Imjin river. I got to meet some really great guys that were ROK Marines when we spent our 13 day rotations at the outsights on the DMZ, fell in love with Korean cuisine (I've got a jar of Kim-Chi in the fridge as we speak), drank plenty of OB beer, and enjoyed traveling around the country on my liberty days. I spent a lot of time in Seoul, SonyuRi, and Yongigul (sp ?). I'd love to make it back one day. The next time you're out, drink a shot of Soju for me.

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I was a guest in your country for a year, courtesy of the U.S. Army (1998-1999, Camp Humphries, 1st Sig Bde).

I missed my family a great deal, but found the local folks very friendly.

Come to think of it, I took a Epiphone LP Special I picked up cheap in the states, just so I could have a guitar with me for that deployment, not knowing I could have got it in Korea for a lot less money.



P.S. No knock on you, but OB beer is some rough stuff, so is that ROK branded Budweiser,

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