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Which guitar do I sell??


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I have quite the quandry that I was hoping that my Gibson forum brethren could help me out on. Lately I've been GASing for both a Beretta M9 and a Tele, so one of my existing collection has to go. I've narrowed it down to two (my two Gibby SGs ain't goin' nowhere) A near mint, Korean made Epi Casino or my fairly newly aquired Epi Tony Iommi sig(which is a tad road worn, but the Gibby PUs SCREAM!!) What say you? :-k:-k:-k

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I told my Wife last week I was thinking about Selling my Gold Top And Hamer 335 clone.

She looked at me and said "why? just save up and go get what you want."


Best wife EVER.

So all you younger guys, Find A lady that loves music as much as you.

And Never sell a guitar.

so my vote is keep em all.

save up.


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I was going to 80 percent tease and suggest I could engineer a swap for the Casino.


But honestly, many years ago my lady suggested she was #@$%@#$% sick and tired of hearing me complain about having traded in this or that - and guitar stuff was one sort of "stuff" - and that never more. Either save and pay for it or don't get it, don't swap.


So... Mostly that's how I go unless the swap is for something which has little ongoing value to me nor is likely to. None of my guitars fits that description; some of my other 'stuff' is there as trading material by intent and some simply has little utility for my current life or anything I might expect in the future.


You, on the other hand... if you're gonna keep pickin', may value what you've purchased and own now more than what you might swap it for...



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