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Guitars that give you gas.

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Title says it all. Personally, I won't rest until I have a guitar refinished to look like the Les paul slash used in the november rain video. Frankly, the tobacco sunbursts Gibson put out nowadays just aren't right.




This is the guitar of my dreams. I have a 2004 les paul standard in Heritage Cherry Sunburst. Regrettably, I sold my 2005 goldtop with p90's (part of a limited run of standards). I have dreamed of owning a les paul that has the same finish. After many years of searching, I've decided to plump for a nice traditional (or an old standard) and have it refinished. I don't want the wear and tear, I just want that finish.


I'd like to hear what your dream guitars are.

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My large collection STILL needs an R8, an R9, and an R0........And a PRS 24.................


I'm in the settlement stage of a long dispute......When it's finally done, I'm ordering the following guitar;


Carvin Custom Shop; FG1S or SH575B.....Semi-Hollow, AAAA Solid carved top, triple stained Tiger's Eye amber,


Built in GraphTech Synth Access electronics, acoustic output jack, abalone block inlays, and a Bigsby, of course...

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Hmmm, gassing for a Gibson ES-339.


Multiple things are getting in the way but maybe by Christmas. It hurts to be putting it off for sooooooo long.


And while I wait that gas-type thinking starts to invade and maybe, just maybe I could buy a less expensive Gibson, then common sense

kicks in and says, 'then you will not be able to afford the ES-339'. So it's back to maintaining a major gas attack.


Damn it, I was actually NOT thinking about the darn guitar until now. Oh, well.

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Many of my dream guitars I've been able score these past couple years. My Ric 360 12, my Hofner bass and just recently my candy green Clapton Sig Strat.


Still to come is a rosewood telecaster



Gretsch 6118 in Cadillac Green




and a White Falcon


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I s'pose I could be more piggy and say that really I'd like to give a shot at that new Firebird X with all the "stuff" on it. That would be a choice, I guess, if I were playing out more.


I just did a solo jazz thing for a benefit today and I have four or five guitars I would have been happy to use. I chose the Dot for several reasons. So...


If I walked into a big guitar store and somebody said, "You've gotta do X type of gig tonight," in ways I'd get what's similar to what I have now, depending on the gig... a Dot, 175 or similar size archtop cutaway, an SG, a medium/large straight acoustic for strumming, a small cutaway acoustic with light strings and low action for "folkie" fingerpicking... a nylon string, preferably a cutaway for a more jazz thing, standard for more "classical" needs...


And I've got 'em except something with the versatility of the Firebird X that I prefer for looks compared to Notes Norton's Parker - and I'm guessing I'd prefer the G neck, but that's just a guess.


Yeah, I think I'd like a nice big body Gibbie jazz box but I've a hunch the old genuine imitation 175 from the '70s would still get played more - but probably a nice new 175 would be played yet more than either if set up for me. A nice-sounding traditional-looking Dreadnaught, slope or square shoulder, preferably a cutaway and AE, would be nice to have for some stuff I do...


Oh, and I wouldn't mind a nice bass with about a 30-32 inch scale.


I think for me the bottom line is that my taste is pretty generic in ways. Yeah, I could go for a number of Gibsons, but playability for what I do is my priority. Gold, super-bling... all that's fine...


But... if HenryJ said, M, gimme all your guitars and get four Gibsons and one Epi... I'd get an Epi A-E 12, or plan on converting it, a 175, A nice plain Dot, then either the Firebird X or a nice SG - and a big-body cutaway A-E flattop. I'd miss the nylon string A-E but...


Yeah, there are a lot more expensive guitars in the lineup, but if I had a batch to choose from, the above would be my choices - after playing several necks in each type.



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Custom made Les Paul w/ floyd rose piezo, hooked up to an on/off toggle

in a green to blue fade, what I cal "Canuck Burst" [thumbup]


GO CANUCKS GO!!! [woot]


Not really digging the finish, but go Canucks...


And, oddly enough, to some of you, maybe?...






Eeeewww... Epi [tongue]

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Once upon a time I was awfully brand-conscious.


Ain't so much now. The Epi ain't a Gibson, but it's way better than a lotta "competition." Because it's Gibson's "import at a lower price" line, I think it gets seen as "low end copy" which it's not. Properly set up it's far, far better than a lotta stuff I've seen with other names on 'em.


For example, much as I think Martins are gorgeous instruments that sound awfully nice, I've never met a Martin neck I felt comfortable with. I'd prefer an Epi Masterbuilt. I think the Tele sound is something I'd like to mess with, but I just don't care for the necks. Never have.


I've noticed that the Aussies on the Epi forum have a rather different perspective on Epis because they're a lot more expensive there than in North America. So... golly, they've a better rep.


Bottom line is, yeah, I think the Gibbie is a great instrument, and the company makes a broad range of instruments for different tastes. The Epi is dollar for dollar an exceptional player. But the bottom line for me is playability on an instrument that does what I want to do at a price I can pay.


I'd prefer a $30,000 classical to a less expensive one too... but maybe not if one at 5 percent of the price felt better.



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C.B.; I have the R:P-3 in wine red....I'm planning on adding the Goldtop and the white one as well.........


Yeah, Damian...I too, have the "Wine Red" P-93...Love it!

And...I like the White ("Royale") version, as well. But,

I think the Gold Top, will be the next one? Time will tell. [biggrin]


The ES-345 and VOS SG are "bucket list" guitars...only "dreams," at this




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Eric Johnson RW. Sure, he's batsh1t crazy, and sure, if I want a roswewood board I'll use onea me Gibsons, but man, I'm a sucker for a bound Fedner.



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