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Worldwide model release


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Someone hereabouts (Jamman?) has/had one of the earlier Tak Matsumoto releases and I thought it looked great then.


That Custom-style one is an absolute stunner.




...I've looked and can't find pricing. Not even on the Gibson site...

Me too, without any success. All I could find were the Epi versions in Gold-Top and Dark-Cherry Premium-Plus finishes;






They were both made exclusively for the Japanese market as 'Limited Run' models. The G-T was a 1,000-off and as they were priced identically (listed at $1,525) it's a fair guess the D-C P-P was 1,000-off as well.


My guess is the Gibson will be even pricier.............lol!



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Damn just when I thought there were no guitars out there that I needed or wanted anymore. My wife asked me last night why I hadn't bought any guitars in almost two years? I told her there was nothing out there I wanted and that I pretty much had every guitar I had ever wanted and my collection has been steadily shrinking then Gibson goes and does something like this> [cursing]



Oh well I guess I have room for just one more.

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Oh god yes!


I've been wanting to get my hands on one of these for years. I hope there is an Epi world wide model


There has been an Epi gold top model up on the site for quite some time.



this one however is more recent.


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Very Nice. So what exactly are the three knobs. (2) volume and (1) tone???



Here's a bit from the second link in post #5;


"The pickups are routed through Tak's own preference for an independent volume control for each pickup and a master tone control with a three-way toggle switch on the upper body horn."



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It is pretty. I had to look up Tak Matsumoto though. Am I the only one here who has (had) no idea who this guy is?


Americans can grunt into a mic with a guitar around their neck and become instant gazillion yen-aires over there.


Some folks from over there spend their entire career trying desperately to be accepted (and paid) by the US music industry, scene, fraternity, machine. He's been on the fringe for as long as I can remember, his name comes up fairly regularly but doesn't mean anything at all here.


Nuno can't fly past Japan without traffic snarling for days, this guy couldn't get a cab in this country. But man he just keeps trying!



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Just announced that this is going on worldwide release. Nice!

WOW... thanks for posting that..... ive been talking about a new double cut for ages.. and here it is (I quoted the red Epi one).. As long as theres more colours than that (a Stripy red one or even a Vintage) I will be getting one of them..


And I thought id be getting a 336.. This appeals to me way more (the 336 will be the one I get when im 50 :P)


(and yes I know the 336 is hollowed out, but ive been waiting for a double cut like this for a long time now)


Id still like to see a new DC Standard with the flame tops they have used on the 2012s (and the wiring options woulndt go amisss ;))

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