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Guitar straps


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I still have the one I used during my gigging days and it feels great (I don't know who made it though). I did buy a Levy Classic Padded one a few years ago which I like too.



Same here. A sheepskin backed black leather strap with a design cut into it that I colored silver. No idea who made it.


Got the padded Levy on my Bass :)


I use a lot of Franklin straps. Primarily because they are awesomesauce, but also because I found out after I bought my first one (a Cotton Cinch) that they are located in Franklin TN, so it's helping the local economy as well.


Win/Win and I don't get many of those :D!

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Couch straps, they're excellent.

Word. Couch straps turn me into a potato because they're awesome.


Mine is all flowery looking and it's really comfy



I also have a brown leather Rickenbacker strap from a 60s Ric. It's the narrow strap with the little shoulder pad like the ones the Beatles used a lot. It's pretty uncomfortable with a heavy guitar but it looks rad and feels ok with my SG.

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I gotta admit, I've never been to concerned about my straps....


I like Souldier straps, as well as the DiMarzio and Planet Waves stuff. I should try a Couch strap.

On a budget, you can't beat an old-school Fender strap!


And for nostalgic reasons, a lightning bolt strap is cool....

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I think a lot has to do with what you do in a perf or practice session.


I mostly use the very simple #2 inch cotton cheapies. I still have my very first strap from 1963 that's one of those woven jobbies with a vinyl back, and it still works.


Then ... I made a 2" leather strap from some heavy saddle skirting for my "SG" type Guild back in the 1970s and carved in some acorns and oak leaves to match the carving on the guitar.


I just got a custom strap from a local saddle and harness maker who's also a guitar picker. About 2 1/2 to 3" wide at some points, saddle skirting and with a light leather backing covering the type of padding used in a saddle. T'weren't cheap, but it has some ideas I'd been thinking about for ages.



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