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GCs Most Expensive Guitar

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This one -




"....this unprecedented instrument is symbolic of the passage of time with a unique watch theme displayed throughout the many highly decorative aspects of the model.

A classic 14-fret Style 45 Dreadnought is the basis for this work of art.

The top is crafted from highly-figured bearclaw Engelmann spruce that features an aluminum rosette with guilloché engraving – a refined process of cutting geometric patterns into metal that also appears on the stainless steel tuning machine buttons of the edition.


The guitar's back of rare pre-CITES Brazilian rosewood, is inlaid with spectacular watch gears cut from reconstituted stone, mother-of-pearl, bloodwood, Hawaiian koa and ebony.

The equally spectacular soundboard inlays feature a minute track in mother-of-pearl, birdseye maple, flamed Hawaiian koa and ebony, and a pickguard with pearl inlaid watch gears.

Yet another unique decorative detail is the triple-strand abalone pearl striping that bisects the length of each side, referencing the early Spanish-inspired instruments of C. F. Martin Sr.

The maple bound ebony fingerboard showcases watch gear mechanisms with the highest level of delicate inlay art.

Each guitar is furnished with a newly-designed wearable edition watch from RGM that references details from the D-200 guitar design and bears a matching serial number with each edition instrument.

Lastly, each guitar comes in a premium aluminum Zero Manufacturing attaché case with a built-in hygrometer that allows the interior environment of the case to be seen without the need to open the case.

Limited to no more than 50 highly-collectable pristine guitars, this instrument will be played and prized until the end of time."



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Those reviews are hilarious! I can't believe GC leaves those on their website though. Maybe GC sees the rediculousness in a guitar of that price so their playing along with the obvious joke too.


after reading your post I went back and read the reviews. they are great lol. someone has a good sense of humor.

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I'd pass on looks a lone




Anyone who could afford that and there are people who can, are going to show it off to their CEO cronies and it will maybe get strummed once. It is supposed to be art. We all know a gigging musician it is not made for. As far as crazy prices there is this. Yes it looks like a normal guitar and he was in Humble Pie when they were really good but he also made the album ... I'm In You. That kills me. Why not cut to the chase and just name the album My ______Is In Your ________. As far as most expensive this is a close second.




This one makes me laugh. It's a good thing they make other really good acoustics. The Bear with a Doo-B is damn hysterical.



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