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unexpected absence from home

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So that magic age of 65 brings on a duodenal ulcer which I wreck with meds while suffering flu. The resulting haemorrhage then turns me from fit person into dizzy, breathless infirm person.


In the small hours of the morning I go to A&E (accident & emergency) at local hospital with just the clothes I’m stood up in. I didn’t get out for 6 days. They put me on all sorts of intravenous drips, stopped the bleeding and drained the blood out. That brought heart rate down & back to normal.


Doctors and nurses were superb, as were the support workers. Never have I appreciated a cup of tea or a shower so much after those 1st three days. Man, I feel fortunate; especially after seeing some of the others on the ward. Yes the NHS is underfunded & under resourced, but they are dedicated and they care.


Taking it easy convalescing at home now. I picked up a guitar and immediately felt normal again. No wine, chillies or butter for a while, but that’s easy enough & no big deal.


Ok, back to some music… 🎸

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That sounds like one hell of an experience.

I have some serious digestive issues myself that sometimes cause me large amounts of pain.

But 6 days in the hospital is miserable! Glad you are doing better.


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1 hour ago, Black Dog said:

Serious indeed.   Flu and a GI bleed!!!   Wow.   Good thing you decided to go in when you did!  Sounds like they did a good job for you.  That you're feeling well enough to be playing again is great.


The flu was mild (I had it worse at xmas), it hardly slowed me down, but lasted 12 days. It was 2 days after I was rid of it that I woke up on the bathroom floor.

I'm never touching ibuprofen again. That was what caused the bleed.

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Damn...   My best wishes to you for a speedy recovery..

And yes.. The people who work in hospitals are often amazing incredible human beings. The people who treated my father for his cancer were just some of the nicest most patient people I have ever met.. Its such a sad shame they have to deal with so much crap and bureaucratic nonsense. It totally impedes their work. 

And yes..   My appendix exploded a few years back..  When I woke up after the operation I was offered a cuppa..  My god, tea had never tasted so good or been so welcome before 🙂  But we are English dear chap so what what tally ho, stiff upper lip and all that....

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