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The above 6' club!


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DANGIT! Im too skinny for the fat les paul club' date=' Im too tall for the short les paul club and Im too short for the 6foot club! Why cant I be in a club? (sniffles) [/quote']


Let start a 'Tall Guys Just Piss Me Off If For No Other Reason Than Being Tall' club ..







We love u guys -

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girlfriend is 5'10".

...and better looking.....




All you International/Continental types got me thinking.


6'2" is what - 1.95m?

300 pounds is what - $430 US dollars? No, wait, 136 kg...




Let's see.... 136 kg is 21.5 stone



9.3 slugs

2.7 hundredweight

4,373 Troy ounces

76,756 dram

680,000 carats

2,098,800 grains....



Gotta love the internet!


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Well I'm not a member of this club but I can bench press nearly 300 pounds if that's a consolation, which isn't bad for a guy who weighs 170 pounds. Also, I did grow 7 inches past my father and 9 inches past my mother. All that Greek feta cheese my mom ate while she was pregnant must have done some good...

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