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International Dog Day


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Haha I just found out about this.. They have a day for everything these days :rolleyes: which are obviously all done to make money..  But as it goes in this case I dont mind joining in..  And while I dont have my own dog, I have an amazing relationship with and love my sisters dogs..

Olive the Welsh Terrier and Alfi the Schnoodle..  Both only being attentive in this picture as I have food behind the camera  😄 


So common then, lets celebrate and see all your fluffy pals.

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International Dog Day?   What is that?

The day we're supposed to go into a bank, hold everyone in it hostage and for ransom?

But not until the afternoon?  [flapper]

Seriously,  I lost my two Shih-Tzus  shortly after moving to this place 10 years ago.  Both are buried in a special spot in the backyard.  Had I been aware of it I'd have put a bone or pig's ear on their graves or something.  


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Our dog Brynn died in April. My wife flew to Korea and endured a weeks quarantine not being able to leave the hotel room. We adopted a Jindo dog from the Dove project which rescues dogs from the Korean meat trade. We then adopted 2 more. Meet, from left to right: Bridgette, Bella, and Bartholomew. 2 Baekgu Jindos (translation white dog) and 1 Hwanggu (Yellow dog translated). The big one in the back is Buster Brown, a local rescue, 9 years old.



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