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2 hours ago, ghost_of_fl said:

Dave Mustaine makes music for middle class white kids who like their music scary but not too scary.  

I like a lot of their earlier stuff and would rather listen to Megadeth than ‘Tallica..

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By the time Countdown to Extinction came out I was not listening to them much any more, and I was more than done with 'Tallica. People gush over Metallica (aka The Black Album). I found it to be a bore. And then they just kept getting worse IMHO. If you want a band to cover a song and destroy it (and not in a good way) let 'Tallica cover it. Their Whiskey In The Jar is so bad, Phil Lynott should come back from the grave and smack all of them. 

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4 minutes ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

I never said Dave never played one. He’s just not who comes to mind when I think acoustic guitars. CSN+Y, John Martyn, Nick Drake, Page, Dylan and a ton of others, just not him. 

And I never said you said he never played acoustic..  It wasnt a post aimed at you..  Did you watch the first video???   If not do and then maybe you will see why I posted it. I just thought it was amusing that it was the first video that comes up in a search.. Not exactly an acoustic ambassador.

The second video I posted as the one he is playing isnt the one they just released.

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3 minutes ago, merciful-evans said:

So its the offspring of a Explorer & a Firebird?!

Or a Explorer and a Hummingbird?

I think Explorer body and Firebird neck, at least that’s what the pic looked like.

Rudi don’t give Gibson any new ideas they might try an electric with an acoustic neck.

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