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Me sucking

Tim Plains

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How about a little gain?

That'll have to wait a while. I only have the Blackheart out and it's not exactly high gain.

Everything else (including all my guitars) are stuffed in closets at the moment since my house is a construction zone.

Once my music room is finished and the Marshall sees the light of day again' date=' I'll post something.


you kinda sound like the some americans think canadians sound.

What does that mean, exactly? Godly, heavenly, vintage burst like, dreamy?

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Hi Tim


It was great hearing those two babies and you play well too. Nice and solid and with good posture! You had it on your left leg in the Classical guitar posture...Good man!!


I liked the sound of both of them, they are different pick ups in each right? I would love for you too show how long each guitar sustains, low middle and high examples on each (on the three areas of the fret board, not low mid high as in eq)

What do you prefer each for? What does you hand like the feel of (sensory wise)?


edit-Sorry for the intense questioning LOL

cheers Tim



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At last somebody not shredding with tons of distortion and delay, nice clean sound Tim. Oh how about a bit of shredding , I hate that word. Good job ,the only problem is now you started we need more.

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Man, you guys are demanding!


To Matt:

It's all about the posture! O:)

Yes, different pickups - the R9 has Burstbuckers 1 & 2, the Traditional has 57 Classics...but they're all alnico II magnets.

Right now, things are kind of cramped. I had the camera right beside the amp. I don't know, maybe that's why there wasn't too much of a difference in sound listening to that video? Another video will have to wait until my music room is finished. I'll have more room and the bigger amps will be back out.


What do I prefer each for? Kind of hard to tell right now seeing that the Traditional is only 3 days old.

Left hand, sensory wise? R9, do doubt. Great wood, perfect neck shape, perfect frets, perfect feel.


LT ED, I'm not a shredder, sorry.


I wept.

Hold me...

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How about a blind test to see if we can tell the difference?

There's an idea!


i didnt know photobucket hosted videos

Yeah, actually, the reason I uploaded it there was because I uploaded it to youtube first and there was a loud hissing throughout the entire clip. I then tried photobucket and the hiss was gone. Strange...

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