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Can you just leave a bullet in if the bleeding done stopped ?


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I would never leave a bullet in. I think I'd get it out. It can cause more damage down the road. If it is close to an organ, it can affix itself to the organ and cause the organ to malfunction . The metal from the bullet can cause another problem too. When your body finally starts to break down the metal, it'll release metal in to your blood stream. That in turn will cause septicemia (infection of the blood) . If that infection gets to your heart, that'll be fatal.



A qualified doctor should look at it and take an x-ray to see where it is. It'd be up to the doctor/surgeon to see if it should come out. I have heard them leaving the bullets in but they have to know if it is safe to do so. Sometimes it is safer to leave it in especially when it's too close to an artery. Like I say, it's all about the diagnosis.


This is just my opinion and not to be taken as a diagnosis.

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From... www.tacticalmedicalpacks.com/.../Combat_Tactics_Trauma_article.pdf


Never underestimate the size and trajectory of a gunshot wound. Gunshot wounds, with the exception of shotgun wounds, appear relatively small and unimpressive. But beware. The internal damage from the above mechanisms is quite significant. In addition, never assume a bullet travels in a straight line. We have seen hundreds of cases of the most amazing trajectories. For example, I have seen a patient shot in the leg with the bullet sitting in his chest. Don’t necessarily focus on the wound itself.



The basic treatment of gunshot wounds depends on the area(s) struck. Generally, gunshot wounds should be covered by a dry dressing or a clear transparent dressing if available. Manual pressure should be applied if the wound is bleeding. Once at a definitive care center, we will clean the wound, possible debride some edges, and change the dressings daily. A gunshot is never sutured closed as the infection rate is very high. Bullets drag clothing into the wound and along the bullet track. Since clothing is of course not sterile, the wound is prone to infection if closed.

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This is not good for Blackie no matter how you look at it. If it's him well

get to hospital it's not worth dieing no matter what. If it is someone else

get to a hospital if something happens to the victim and he nows about it

he could be held responsible. Do the right thing.



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That's what I usually do. [biggrin]


It's standard practice. John Wayne did it all the time. I should add that you need to pour whiskey over the open wound once you have removed the bullet. The victims then lies in bed sweating for days--in and out of sleep while some hot babe mops the sweat off their brow with a cloth. They always survive. And they always get to ravish the woman once they feel better.

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