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Then (1966)...I'm the one with the Gretsch County Gent, in front of my Vox "Super Beatle" amp.




Now...well, 2006, anyway. I'm 5th from the left, holding the Honeyburst Les Paul. We (several bands within

this group photo) were about to play a gig, out at one of our local area lakes, on Fourth of July weekend.

It was about 110 degrees, that day.




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EDIT: This thread was so old I deleted ORIGINAL pix out of

image hosting account, had to do some FAST digging

for replacements!


Excellent Idea! Man, I've gotta start digging thru pix.

Ha! Now that I think about it, I have recordings of different

battle of the bands "We" played in... Called ourselves

"STARK NAKED and THE CAR THIEVES", that way someone

would have to ask - "which one of you is stark naked"?

Heh, heh. Before that it was a hard rock band called

"CITIZENS AGAINST NOISE". Man, we garage bands can

come up with some unusual monikers...


A fast dig resulted in a couple of practice photos, still looking

for "on Stage"...












PRACTICE SESSIONS (you can't see the KEG off-camera):





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I really have to track down some of the guys now and see if they didn't hang on to any of the what were probably the very few pictures we had together. Our band started out as "The Fakes" at first (Worst. Name. Ever! What were we thinking?) If I remember correctly, the guy who owned most of the sound equipment came up with it so the rest of us just said, "Sure, whatever". But we eventually changed our name to "360" when we replaced our drummer and lead guitarist about a year later. I actually got a demo CD from our old bass player about 7 years ago of some work he was doing with a band down in Phoenix. I'll have to dig that thing up and see if I can't find his address. Man, I never thought I'd want to dredge up this old stuff again, but you guys have got me all freakin' nostalgic now.


Edit: Google is a wonderful thiing! It seems our old bass player is putting out solo work on indie labels, our drummer is now in a band called "Sylence" in Phoenix, and our first lead guitarist is heading up a band called "Boogie Bone" here in our home state. The only one I couldn't find anything on is the guy who was playing lead when we broke up (not surprised, as he had spiraled into a morass of drug and alcohol abuse by then), and our last drummer who I already knew had passed away in a house fire about 5 years ago. Seems I'm about the only one who went inactive after the split. It's weird seeing pictures of these guys still gettin' it on after nearly 30 years.... :-

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Hey' date=' Animalfarm...


You were a dead ringer for Danny Kirwan, the 'other' guitarist in Fleetwood Mac (along with Peter Green), when they were still a blues band worth listening to!



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Let's see... Here's my mid 80's band. I'm on the left with the green Guild Starfire (still have it)


My early 90's band - me with 12-string. Still have it.


Here's my 90's band again (Me with Tele. Still got it)


And my last band in December of 1999 at CBGB's. Me singing



I'm pretty much retired from live gigging now. I record stuff at home. Like this.

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Well' date=' my band consists of just me, and I don't have any photos of past endeavors (too busy jammin' to be clickin') so my sig will just have to do I'm afraid...[/quote'] Same sorta deal here, Matiac, although I do play at church now and again - but no shots from "the old days"...heh...


... me and my Epi 'coustic .... btw, the young lady behind me is playing an Epi mandolin .... I believe that was our Woodie Guthrie Birthday Party service that day....





Different day, I believe we're doing Wayfaring Stranger in this shot. My Epi LP, and once again her Epi mandolin :- The guy playing stand-up bass is super cool !!! Yeah, my church is "casual" :D/



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STIG!!! CBGB's - I'm quite impressed! I think my biggest

audience was about 800 at at our local coliseum for a yearly

Battle of the bands. We came in second, were beat out by an All-Girl

band that made no bones about wearing the tight spandex

outfits so popular in the early 80's... Ah, well.


RSDx - I've played upon invitation with a local church band, my

next-door neighbor tossed a song list to me with song keys. I think

their jaws hit the floor when we played "If we are the Body" by

Casting Crowns - I played the first verse in a churchy manner, but

when the second verse and chorus came along I gently kicked in

the Gibson 498T in the bridge and added some muted CRUNCH and

perfectly matching lead tags, then full BOOM when second chorus

came around. IT BELONGED! MY inner being told me so! Too hot

for the older crowd, I guess?

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STIG!!! CBGB's - I'm quite impressed!



Thanks! That was the only time I ever got to play in NYC. It was at the launch party for the Ramones official website in December of 1999. We were the last of 14 bands, who all had to adopt Ramones-related names for the night. We called ourselves The Melnicks, after their road manager, who the guitarist had known for many years. (The band's real name was Rat Fink) The name got mentioned in the liner notes for the reissue of their Leave Home album!

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Wow, cool thread. I know we have at least one pic of my college band from 1976 (my daughter found it and included it in a slide presentation for our 30th wedding anniversary). I need to get that from her and post it up here. In the meantime, via facebook, I've hooked up with some of my old band mates, one of whom actually had a live recording of two songs we performed.He converted the cassette recording to an mp3.


Anyway, while I look for my pic, go HERE and then click on the link for For What Its Worth & Alabama. FYI, in FWIW, I am singing the high harmony and in Alabama I am singing the lead. I am NOT the guitar playing doing the solos; back then I was strictly the rhythm guy (and I STILL wish I had that old Les Paul Signature Hollowbody).


Enjoy and I'll try to get that pic from my daughter.

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#-o .... Great images!!!!


Here's one of my last gigs (1987 at the Roxy). It was a sad time for me because even at the age of 21, I was starting to feel too old for it all... Probably because I had lost two band mates that were killed whom were original founding members that I grew up with since grade school..... I still think about them often.



Anywhoo, I'm the dude with the pink Moser strat....LOL


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How much FUN' date=' was THAT, Duane?! COOL! And...all that hair. I envy you, that. LOL!




LOL.... I paid a fortune in mousse and hair conditioner....


Kinda wished I had given it a couple of more years, but school was getting more and more challenging, and I was growing very home-sick.... I had been living with my band in Burbank and on the road since I was 17, and I really missed my Dad a ton, because we had done so much together prior to me moving out.


I guess if there hadn't been so much tragedy within the band, things may have been different. But over-all I had a great time from 16 to 22 years old.

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Here's one of my last gigs (1987 at the Roxy). It was a sad time for me because even at the age of 21' date=' I was starting to feel too old for it all... Probably because I had lost two band mates that were killed whom were original founding members that I grew up with since grade school..... I still think about them often.



Anywhoo, I'm the dude with the pink Moser strat....LOL



That's one thing I certainly don't miss about the '80s - the hair. It was starting to get to the point at one time that you could hardly tell the males from the females. :P One of the good things about it, though, was you could away with wearing/playing just about anything, in any color. Crazy times. Your bass player reminds me of Sammy Hagar!


Most recent gig we've played...me with my beloved Les Paul DC' date=' the guitar that made me a P-90 convert:



I never could play a guitar slung that low. Then again I've heard people say the same thing about slinging it up Beatles style, too, but everyone's got their own little personal preferences. It looks like it would get uncomfortable after a while, but I've had back problems for a good part of my life, too. I remember looking at some of the first pictures I ever saw of The Clash and thinking "Ouch!". I guess it would make for a good, long wind up if you were really going to smash a chord though, and that's probably why it was popular with the punk groups that were starting to show up back then. Otherwise, the only other reason I could think of is they were just being extra rebellious by slouching on stage. ;P

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