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Alright guys and gals... if you could pick one guitarist that speaks to you like no other when it

comes to pure tone mojo, who's your favorite?

This ones tough for me cuz there's been so many great sounding guitarists over the years.


Early EVH and Gilmour are definitely on the A list, but I'll pick Robin Trower.

Imo he took Hendrix's sound and ran with it.


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Mark Knopfler

Lindsey Buckingham

Leslie West on Mississippi Queen (one of my favorite riffs too)


I can probably come up with a couple others, but those two are top of mind.


(Gilmour's already been mentioned, so I won't put him there)

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Uh huh! It's so great to see/hear those guys locking in like that. Must've been

something to see them live. Too bad I was only 7 years old. I would have liked

to have experienced that!


I would have loved to have been around for that, too.


Regrettably, I was a negative number... [unsure]


x2, Dickey's tone on the SG wasn't too bad either:)


Yeah, Dickey's also excellent. [thumbup]

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