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Les Paul 12 string


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Holy moly... New Les Paul 12 string... Im gonna try one.. But I doubt I will ever buy one :) (notice the Maple neck :))





•Choice Mahogany body with carved Maple top

•Grade-A Maple neck with fast, comfortable '60s profile

•Powerful '57 Classic and '57 Classic Plus pickups in the neck and bridge

•Modified 12-string Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece

•High-quality Mini Grover™ tuners





Also theres a new Epi up that I LOVE the look of... I cant access the page for some reason.. But man.. a Gibson one of those in that colour with chrome hardware would be super sweeeeetttttt !! :) (MORE GIBSON DOUBLE CUTS !!)


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That is way cool!!! It's probably out there to fill in for the Limited Edition 50th Anniversary SG-12 that ran out of production and stock. I have that SG-12. Had they not come out with that, this would be a nice substitute. I always wanted an SG-12 long before they produced it. I love the Les Paul in Cherry Sunburst. I will have a 6 stringer someday.


GuitarsAnn [thumbup] [thumbup] [thumbup]

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Do you get paid for advertising....???




and all you need to know about the Genesis is here...




I wish lol...


No, I put these up here cos I dont (for some reason) get the Gibson news Letter, even though I have emailed Gibson and some of the Forum guys and signed up with two email addresses.


So when I see a new one I like I put it up here to share with other people who dont get the news letters :)


(but if anyone at Gibson wants me, im available for hire and will be the best salesmen you could ask for :) :P)

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It looks great. It's a unique LP. But no way I would spend that much money on a guitar which is doomed for occasional use. Cheers... Bence

+1 If I was going to invest in a 12-String electric, I'd go for the EDS-1275 so I could switch from 6 to 12 easily.


Although as Izzy said I wouldn't turn down as a gift, LOL [biggrin]

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I'd like to have one just for the novelty of it,but for some reason I always prefered 12 string electrics to be single coil like,Fender XIIs,the Toaster pup Ricks,the Strat XII and of course my old 60s Vox Phantom XII which sounds almost like a harpsichord with the rear pup engaged.

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