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We lost forum member pschaafs today


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It is with a heavy heart, and not just a few tears, that I am posting to let the forum know that Peter - pschaafs - passed away yesterday. I found out from his Wife this morning. He only found out that he had cancer at the end of May!! She said he passed peacefully at home surrounded by family. It is wonderful that he went peacefully with loved ones there for him, this just should have been 20+ years from now and not when he was still so young and vital.


I met both Peter and Tennroots on this Forum and along with another friend we have been very happily getting together and jamming at least once a week for the last 3 1/2 years. Peter was a good friend, a good player and he taught me a lot about making music. He helped me build confidence and gave me some much needed suggestions on how I could improve.


He was a blast to talk to and loved guitars, music and of course good beer. I am sitting here with one of his favorite beers -- Lagunitas Lil Sumpthin Sumpthin. "Cheers to you my good friend!!" He had a bit of a devilish sense of humor and when we all got together each week there was laughter, beer, music, fun, and such a love of making music. Our Thursday jams were always the highlight of my week!


I don't think there is more that I can say other than Peter will be sorely missed. He made a huge impact on my life and every time I play guitar or sing a song I will always think of him.



I’ll soon be free from every trial


This form shall rest beneath the sod


I’ll drop the cross of self-denial


And enter in that home with God

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Thank you for taking the time to let us know - too sad your playing buddy slipped away so soon. I am not surprised that this forum played a role in bringing together a band of players. Condolences to his wife. Please let her know that hearts are heavy in many corners of the country, and of the world, for her loss.

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