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The deaths that put a tear in your eye


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I was 11 when Lennon died, I had just started listening to the Beatles from a friend that had some tapes.


I will never forget that day and the day after. I still have some newspaper clips...


The other death that shocked me was Cliff Burton's. I could not believe when I heard the news. I have always been a Metallica fan from the very beginning.

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not many have died in my life time but i know that there is buddy miles and mitch mitchell (R.I.P.) and also lynyrd skynyrds pianist (i always forget his name) and possibly allen collins too.


i have been thinking and feeling sad lately though because lots of great musicians are going to die in my lifetime.


also i have to say that even though it wasn't in my life time it makes me sad when i hear about hendrix and SRV.

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ill give ten, though there are many more,


1.kirk rundstrom (split lip rayfield) look em up

2.pigpen of orig. GD


4.duane allman

5.alan wilson (canned heat)





10. and im gonna give ten to "dimebag" because he was an amazing soul, and his story is tragic

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Being a huge Beatles fan certainly John and George top my list. I guess if I had to pick one it would be John's tragic shooting. It was just such a shock and after not making any music or appearances for 5 years he was back with double fantasy. Just gives me a sick feeling thinking about it now. Of course with George we knew he was not well and you kinda had the feeling he was fighting a losing battle. It was not any less of a loss but not as shocking as Johns violent death.

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Definately SRV for me. It was so sudden and he was at the top of his career. I remember hearing it on the radio while driving and I almost pulled over I was so shocked.


I was a little young to have been affected by Lennon, but I can appreciate how shocking it was now.

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