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Just waiting on the BBT. ......(bigbrowntruck)



I'm in so much trouble.......


I'm sooooooo weak..........


I'm so gonna love this special Dove ....and it was built on my moms birthday.....I had to buy it.....








More pics.......









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Thanks one and all .

My first Gibson acoustic was my SJ200 loved it, still do .Then a short scale J45 and love at first sight and strum. I must admit I have come to love the short scale slopes and have picked up a few as you can see in my signature.

That said the 200 just became too big ,I still play it but mostly sitting down and only at home. I thought I needed a square dread (who doesn't) and was looking for a Hummingbird .Then I found this DIF,

I had never seen one in Autumn burst , 😍 I resisted for a few weeks but it was calling to me every time I visited the site and ogled the pictures .Then early one morning I just jumped in and after a deal was struck I ran the serial number and it was "born" on my Moms birthday and that confirmed to me I did the right thing. LIfe is too short to pass these moments buy if you can make it happen imo you should.

I have a Trance Amulet MVT I may Install .I'll decide after I play it for awhile...... can't wait.

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Stunning. The burst is amazing.


Rue the day that it's just another evening picking up the DIF for a little playing. If this happens, take it out with you when you go to play- you'll have one of those "what's everybody looking at?" moments. Hopefully, it came with more than just C, F, & G. Of course, we'll never know (hint).


Can't forget Mom's b.d. now-



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