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Animal rhythms


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So as we know the human animal has the ability to make music. Other animals can do so also. What is the required form to actually call something music?


And can you give some examples' date=' other then demOOn.



You dont even know how i play. ](*,)

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You can even make a song with your cat, he will meow in the txt of my guitar playing lol in my opinion this is a great idea
Right now I am studying the testing of various drugs on animals with the help of a useful resource https://samploon.com/free-essays/animal-testing/ and I can say that it is better to let animals take part in creating music than in creating drugs or cosmetics. I don’t understand why it’s impossible to test all this not on animals but on some people who do not care at all, for example, with suicidal tendencies. Well, these are all jokes, but you can try as an option)

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On 2/26/2009 at 1:57 PM, harmonicchaos said:

my cat can sing. sounds just like McJagger. No sh.it.




He also does this weird

thing as well.

He even has a band... they're called 'The Animals'. And no they do not do 'house of the rising sun' covers.


They do not have the moves like Jagger.

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This is a really great question. Besides, can anyone DEFINE the concept of music (or any art, for that matter)?

If we try to define music as an art of expressing oneself (to self and others)... then all beings have this, including animals. Some have this gift very wildly evolved (i.e. Blackmore in the seventies), and others somewhat more subtle (like laughing dolphins in a seaworld park). But it's all music; a natural way to express oneself! 

(EDIT: just found out this topic is almost as old as Beethoven's 7th symphony 🤯)

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OMG moment
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On 2/17/2021 at 12:05 AM, saturn said:

Wow. This bizarre thread was started on my birthday in 2009. Maybe that's why I never responded. :rolleyes:

I know where Homz is. I wonder about Thundergod and Dem00n? Dem00n would be a full fledged adult these days.  Man, time flies.  


A full fledged adult? I wish. 

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On 2/17/2021 at 3:42 AM, OrdinaryNimda said:

This is a really great question. Besides, can anyone DEFINE the concept of music (or any art, for that matter)?


I once attempted this in another forum I was in......    to whit-----

An alien spacecraft lands on the white house lawn.  After the initial panic, it's determined the aliens mean no harm.  So the president and other major dignitaries of the country hold a huge ceremony welcoming them to our planet and country.  After the customary speeches, the present Marine band strikes up a rousing Sousa march.   The aliens clasp their hands over their ears and in fright dive to the ground.  The alien leader then asks, "What are those terrifying weapons they are using to make that terrifying sound?  What manner of weapon IS that?"  And the president says, "Oh, don't worry.  They're just playing some music."  And the alien leader asks,  "Music?  What is music?"  

What would you tell him?  [wink]     And speaking of animal rhythms.....

And some animal music I enjoy....


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