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Certainly interesting looking, but did the guitar need to be reinvented?  It doesn't seem to have any controls for the pickup?  On their website I think it said they use LR Baggs under saddle pickups, but those usually have a volume and tone control.  He just says you can tighten down one of the bars on the bridge plate to put more pressure on the pick-up to change it's tone, but  having done that you still just have one tone.  Sounds good when he plays it, but for $5,000 seems like sort of a one trick pony.

I guess if you are an established recording artist and have your own "sound" so to speak then you can set the guitar the way you like it and you're done.  For those of us not so well known who are playing covers of other more famous songwriters it's handy to be able to play a variety of styles and sounds.  Not sure this would be the best way to go.

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Hmmm...a bit gimmicky IMO.  Not a re-invention but will look good in videos. 

With the pickup it sounds the same as any other guitar with a good piezo, and without it....I'd rather have a slimline f-hole, me. 

Very nice blues player.

The Poi Dog is a bit Rick Turner-ish. 

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4 hours ago, Retired said:

Interesting, It does look like a cross between a Banjo and something else. Hawaiin made? That explains it. I'll stay with the acoustic brands they have now. 

The Smoothtalker is made in Africa..... The Poi Dogs are made in Hawaii...........

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