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Happy Thanksgiving!


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Goin' to my Fisrtborn's house.  With her, her husband and her sister and he squeeze it's only five of us.   When my wife was alive(and her older sister too) we'd all wind up at another sister's house where for years we'd have 20+  packed in.  And with seating only for 1/3 of that!  I got pretty good at eating on my feet.  [wink]

When I was coming up my Mom would have the day's dinner at 1:00 pm.    My first marriage we'd at first have dinner at Mom's.  Then when we'd have it dinner was later.  And turkey only(as the entree).  My second wife's family always had turkey and ham.  And when growing up dessert would only be pumpkin pie, or what's called "mince meat" pie.  STILL have no idea what mince meat is.      [confused]     Just know I never liked it.  I never understood the apple pie "tradition".   But anyway.....

Y'all have a good day and make sure there's plenty Alka-Seltzer  on hand.  [thumbup]


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My mom cooked Thanksgiving dinner every year since the day I was born. Sometimes, we had 20 people over. She passed away a little over two years ago at the age of 93. Now, I'm the only one of her seven children that can cook (well my sister is a very good cook, but she's lives across the country, now). So, everybody invites themselves over to my house for T-Day dinner. This year, it's only gonna be three of us. Every year, it gets smaller and smaller.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving!

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11 hours ago, Tman said:

Happy Turkey Day! This time targeted 157 degrees instead of the USDA 165. Way better, way more tender. 


I used 160 on my Thermoworks Dot (Traeger pellet smoker) I had stuffed the cavity with onions/lemons/garlic and 5 hours at 300 was perfect.

Injected with cajun/butter.

I'm now a legend!

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1 hour ago, Pinch said:

I gotta visit the US. I don't think I've ever had sweet potato pie. Sounds delicious. 

Come to SC, you can crash at my place, and you can get a good dose of the racist US South, and have fond memories of it. The only reason I live in SC, is my wife inherited her father’s house when he passed away. I see people with Orange Messiah hats, stickers, shirts and flags ever day of week. He was a terrible buisnessman, a lame reality television host,  and a walking turd as a POTUS.

Sweet Potato pie is damn good. Carolina knows how to BBQ too.

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23 minutes ago, SteveFord said:

It's Pennsylvania Dutch, not southern like I thought.


Might be time for the Road Trip Of Gluttony (Ride To Eat, Eat To Ride):


I walked past the one in Key West many times when I went there when I was in the CG. I looked on the website and it says Meringue no where on the pie section. The Penn Dutch, aka Germans know their way around the kitchen. 

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