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Trip to GC for strings ended up costing me $2505.60


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I went to GC to get some strings and tried out a couple guitars that caught my eye - you know what that means my eye - you know what that means Doh.gif


Les Paul Standard Traditional Pro (which has some interesting features), and a Taylor 214CE.




Paid $1550 for the LP (with case), and $750 for the Taylor (no case - they lost it), plus tax. Not too bad IMO.


......oh, and I forgot the damn strings!!






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What do you think of the Traditional Pro - I just picked one up also and so far Im loving the sound and the build the 57 and BB3 is a great combo and the coil taps give it a lot of extra flexibility.

Yep, all that. And it's the color scheme I like, traditional burst with a brown back. Its so hard to find brown backs on LP's, they're always red. Unfortunately I have an R7 and a (just purchased) Edwards LPC with 57's and an RS kit. I don't need three LP's so something's going to go; probably the Edwards and the R7. Another reason this was so appealing is I've found myself getting away from the fat historic necks lately, and I don't want to pop the $$ for an R0.

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Yes' date=' me too!!


Otherwise - new guitars! I am curious about the Trad Pro myself...[/quote']

+1 Thats how I got my strat. My wife clearly communicated that I would be murdered if I ever did it again. But I can do you one even better..........I went to guitar center for picks and came back with a MIA standard strat.

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Nice score' date=' but stick to your guns and get your case, how the hell can you lose a case????[/quote']

No can do. Part of the deal and low price was they figured in the fact they had no case for it.



I'd get murderd on my arrival home if I did that after shopping for strings...

Yea my wife would be pissed. Fortunately for me she's completely gear ignorant. I was playing both of them when she came home' date=' also had a black strat out and she didn't even blink. But she has no concept of guitars and over the years of constant impulse buys and gear flipping she can't keep up with what I have and can't tell one from the other, so I slide =D> Also I manage the money so I'm responsible. But like I said, I will have to sell a few other guitars to help offset the cost of this bumble.



Was the lp used??? how did you get it for 1550???

LP was priced at $1,999 and the Taylor at $999 (normally priced with a case). I just offered them a package deal that I would buy both right now for $2500 out-the-door. They came back and countered with almost $2,700 and I said no thanks and headed for the door (it was already 6PM Easter Sunday and they were closing). Sales guy ran back to the Manager, came back and countered again $2505.60. I'm not going to raise a stink over $5.60 and I guess they needed to feel like they got me to compromise - LOL, so I grabbed them both. I had already played them and they both were a good fit for me.


The actual breakdown on the receipt is:


Taylor = $746.17

Gibson = $1435.89

LP Case = $116.66 (GC always prices the case as a separate item)

Tax = $206.88 (Friggin Gov. Arnold just bumped our sales tax up last week!!)

Total = $2505.60



Oh, and I forgot the damn strings!!!

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