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I guess I'm braver than I thought


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I went out this morning to find my garbage strewn all over the lawn. It had to have been a bear and not a raccoon, they way it was strewn. So tonight I was in the kitchen and I heard the sound of a garbage can falling over. I yanked open the kitchen door and there was a bigass black bear picking through the upset trash. I let a screech out of me that I'm sure was heard in the next county, HEY! GET THE _____ OUT OF HERE!. He scooted. So I stuck my head back in the kitchen and told my youngest daughter there was a freakin' bear in the garage. I went back out and he was BACK. HEY! (repeat performance). I picked up the trash and then poured a little bleach into the can, maybe he won't be so attracted to it.


I'm not a hunter, never cared for it, but if an animal is around and doesn't belong there, I have no reservation about sending it to have breakfast with Jesus. We're talking squirrels and a .22 here. However I am petrified of bears, no matter how much they try to tell me the black bear is more afraid of me. I really surprised myself tonight, I didn't think I had it in me.


I asked a guy what to do if I was walking in the woods and came across a bear.


"Throw some s___ in his face."


"Where am I going t get the s___?"


"Reach down the back of your pants, it'll be there."

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Wow, that is amazing. I was just up in Yosemite and a black bear cut right through a path with hundreds of people on it in Yosemite valley. They are scared, but when they become accustomed to humans and human food it gets ugly b/c then they're interested in what we have to offer. I think a bear would take a couple buckshots or a few AK rounds before going down, you would have to score a shot to the head or heart. That's good that you didn't shoot him, bears are really cool animals. Squirrels on the other hand...

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Go to an outdoors store, Cabela's or Pro Bass Shop, and get yourself one or two big spray bombs of mace or pepper spray. Just point and spray in the face. That will do the trick. Up here in no firearms land (sigh) you cannot normally carry a rifle , shotgun or other firearm (the Yukon is an exception) so we carry a spray bomb of pepper spray when we ar out hiking or camping. A .22 will definitely only piss the bear off and you may not be comfortable with a 12 guage.



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As long as it's only a black bear your in luck ~ you have a fighting chance. If you're ever in a situation out in the woods where you encounter a black bear you want to make as much noise as possible. If that doesn't work and it comes too close you want to hit it in the head with the biggest and hardest thing you can - frying pan is good if you're camping.


Grizzly... that's another tactic that may or may not work no matter what you do.

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Mabye its time to invest in a AK-47?

Wrong gun.


REALLY wrong gun.

Doubt you'll kill him with that.

All those are good for is throwing a lot of lead with dubious accuracy and marginal terminal ballistics.

They are NOT an effective rifle.


If you're serious, get something in the neighborhood of .270 or 30-06.

Their skulls are massively built unless you find a hole in it - like a tiny eye socket.


Bullets often simply bounce off and they run away with a headache - only to get hungry again.


A body shot may kill it eventually, but it will be a slow death.

A 12 gauge with a slug is a better choice if you wanna hit him like a Mack truck.




I say use the non-lethal piss-'em-off method.

Bleach is good at ruining their intended food, but ammonia is a really good one.

Put it in a small plastic soda bottle, upright with no lid.

When they knock it over and it spills out - YOWSA!!!


Then of course the over the counter bear-be-gone products made by people who actually know what they're doing...


Damn, good luck.

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+1 on ammonia, bleach isn't that great. Cayenne pepper is another garbage can topping to repel scavenging animals.


Cayenne & ammonia were always the only way to keep animals out of the trash after crawfish/crab/shrimp boils, in my experience. (that's some smellllllllly trash, too - trust me)

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"You know...."


"And, like..."


"And then he said (blah, blah, blah) and then she said (blah, blah, blah) and then I'm like....."




Also, capture the audio from all the lame sh!t they watch on TV and the constant cellphone ringtones, beeping and buzzing....



Yep, even a bear would say "ENOUGH!"

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My eldest is in her second year of college and works part time as..... guess what?


A telemarketer.


Someone may try to sell you a new Verizon phone or update your plan. Be nice.


I have personally witnessed her rattle off the sales pitch from memory while texting and watching tv. Show off. I can't even sign my name while someone is talking or I'll write what they say.

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I had a bear in the garage 2 years ago. Woke up to loud bang out in the garage. Grabbed the 9mm and headed down to the garage. Thank god I left the lights on along with the door being open. I just got my head out the door and I hear a loud growl and there not 10 feet away is a black bear eating up 40 lbs of dog food. I jumped back in the mud room. I quickly opened the door again and fired a couple rounds out the open garage door and the bear ran out. Think that was the end? 2 day later sleeping again and I hear loud banging. This time I grabbed the AK47 30 rounds of alternating FMJ and JHP rounds. Neo I don't now where your getting your

AK's from but I can hook you up with an AK that at 100 it shoots 2" groups. All my

AK's are the best guns I own. The best part they always fire. I have shot FMJ rounds through 4 railroad tie plates and it went right through. Well back to the bear. This time I went out the front door and the bear was on it's back feet tearing down the garage door to get more dog food. That was the last straw. I had to replace both garage doors he pounded so hard it took the rails off the wall inside the garage. Lesson learned keep the doors closed. These animals are extremely dangerous so extreme caution must be used. Going out and chasing bear off is not the smartest thing to do unless you are protected to the point that you can put the threat down. I had another bear hear this spring but didn't have any problems but was on the watch at all times.



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Neo I don't now where your getting your AK's from

Various parking lots around Phoenix.

Kids with baggy pants and hats on backwards.

Lotsa tats and piercings' date=' driving small import cars with 22" wheels worth more than the car itself.

Got 'em in the trunk.






All my AK's are the best guns I own. The best part they always fire.

Eh, I never had such results.

If I spent the money on GOOD 7.62x39 ammo and kept the guns clean I would have had better luck I'm sure...


Mine would always fire, they just didn't always cycle properly.

To me, semi-auto does not mean manually cycling the bolt now and then to clear a mis-feed.


The last one I sold is a WASR-10 with a stock like your Dragunov.

He's a nut about that gun, has it at the range almost weekly since he's retired.


Works better for him than it ever did for me but he's on the internet reading everything he can find about them.


Good for him.




That being said, I still have a very nice early Norinco SKS from China - made in the eighties.

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I had a Norinco SKS back in the 90s. Lost it in a swap deal. Later I bought a 1960 Romanian SKS that was just flat too pretty to use. I was afraid to handle it without gloves. It didn't look like a arsenal rebuild. No idea how it stayed so clean.


I sold off the "collection" in one deal back in '99. All my military rifles went away, the pile of Nagants (one 1895 with the Czar crest intact), a couple Swedes, a 1918 Erfurt carbine, a few SMLE's, a MAS36, a Mauser 71/84, a Swiss Vetterli, an 1893(?) Turkish Mauser, an 1891 Argentine Mauser with many nickel plated parts... gawd, I can't remember what all I sold, but the whole pile went. I don't even own a center fire rifle at this time, just a pile of handguns, a couple 22 rifles, and a pile of old (very old and worthless except to me) shotguns.


I've put a lot of thought into this, and if or when I do pick up another rifle, it will be financially driven. If it's going to be under $500 (more like $200 or so), I want an Ishapore 2A1 chambered in NATO 7.62x51. I like Enfields. I like the detachable clip, I like the safety, I like that they can be drug through the mud and still work... and the Ishapore holds 12 rounds instead of the SMLE 303's 10 rounds. Any mom and pop store sells 308. I realize 308 Winchester and 7.62X51 aren't technically the same but I'm willing to take that chance. I don't reload so I don't really care what happens to the brass. I'd buy the NATO rounds by the case anyway, it's just nice to have a mom & pop store option. In addition, the Ishapore NATO ones were mostly made in the 60s and probably have better metal than a 1914 Enfield.


If over $500, I'd like a Springfield 03 in .06. Historically significant and the 06 is a formidable round.


I know Garands are the Harley Davidson of the gun world but I don't mind working a bolt. Garands are commanding rude money anyway.

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