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I want a PRS, either a Mira or a Custom 24--but it's going to take a while for me to save up for it, and to feel comfortable enough financially to buy either one. Actually, I could always get one of the imports, which are supposed to be pretty good, too.


I'd also like an SG 61RI, but I already have an SG, so...I dunno. I'd also like a Les Paul at some point. I don't need another guitar just yet, though.


More immediately, I'd like a better amp. I've been dreaming about a mid-60s (i.e. blackface) Vibrolux for some time, but I'm not too picky and I'd take one of the Vibrolux reissues, too.

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DAS44 & rocketman' date=' what's with the negativity? I'm a man of my word, I don't have this "GAS" thing that you guys may have, and my purchase plan is well thought out and spreads the guitars I want over a several year period.[/quote']


I thought you were only getting one guitar in 2010... just sayin'...

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I am thinking I should have either a Melody Maker or a LP Junior. Should work on trading a American Standard Strat that I never play for something that I would play.


Funny you say that' date=' i just traded my American Standard and my Epiphone Dot for a brand new Faded Gibson Flying V. I absolutley love the V, but i really miss that dot [biggrin ...dont miss the Fender a bit though..

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