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Here's Lilly..


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Finally got round to taking a few shots of the new girl...Just a 2010 Trad Std.. and a rimburst etc ..but I kind of liked the 'tiger' type top...Every shot you take is different because the light changes the way these tops look so much...anyway, hope you like..it's Iced Tea by the way...






And a couple of 'Naked' shots...I think she looks a bit vintage in these...






This shows the tiger stipes nicely..





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Thanks for all the kind words guy's...the only reason I put "Just a 2010 Std Trad" was that on other LP sites that shall remain nameless, unless you are posting R8,9's or custom rarities, you can get the odd 'I don't like rimburst's' etc..


I love her whatever but it's nice too get good comments. [thumbup]


I was going to keep her "nude' ie. no pickguard, but after looking at the scuff marks on my SG's pickguard!! I will probably have to keep it on...for a while at least..then maybe I'll release the 'tiger'.. [biggrin]

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Paul J...I got her from Sky music in Melbourne here in Australia... www.gibson-guitars.com.au


I live in Sydney, but they took a few photo's of different tops on their Standards and Trads and emailed them to me. I then choose the one I liked the most..


Great service, and they also said if I wasn't happy with it once I received it, I could pay $50 for the shipping and they would sent me another one. You cant get much better than that...way better service than my local store who said "pay up front, we order it and you get it as is"...this is the store that has a $7000 custom for sale with "shocking" binding...which according to the guitar manager is "a gibson finish"...lol


So went with Sky music....Got a great price too..very happy.. [biggrin]


And BillyG..yeah, you need to name her!...treat her nice, buy her a truss rod cover with her name on... [biggrin]

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