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P-90 aficionados - stand and be counted


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Okay, P-90 guys stand up and be counted.


This here is the Official P-90 Thread.


Tell us what you know about 'em.

Ask what you've always wanted to know.

Post pics of P-90 guitars you own.

Post pics of P-90 guitars you covet and drool over.

Post sound/video clips of P-90 Goodness.


If it's P-90 related, this here's the place fer it. [thumbup]


I'll start it off with a few of my own.



This is the Goldtop Deluxe that's gonna get a set. Mini-hums will go in a box...





This is the SG Classic I never shoulda sold - even if I made a few bucks on it (on the right).





Here's the Guild BluesBird I traded off - and probably will regret someday.





Ash Strat I built 4 years ago with Fender Dove P-90s - WAY beyond fxcking cool!






Got no pics of a junky old SG Junior I had several years ago.

Gave it to the daughter of a lady I was dating - it was cool as hell! B)

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ok..doing acid before climbing in a nascar. telling a judge his wife is hot and you had lunch. getting in a fistfight with a gorilla. none of these things compare to the balls of p-90's wired correctly in a gibson.

got 2. one a chambered lp flametop (classic antique with flame top) and the other an lp special, '96, about 9 or 10 pounds, both wired with vintage paper and oil caps. with the specail, i blew up my jcm 800, killed it. that was the oriogional drake equipped enlish vertical input one. also have a victorilux with el-84's and '51 p12q jensens. had two speakers, got one left. point is, i'm not afraid of blowing up vintage gear for the sake of tone. damage is done, and will continue.

for self preservation, for the sake of protecting my mind, i try to take these things slow. it may be too late for that.

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I haven't quite got the money for a new guitar (or rather I'm too stingy to let go of the money,) and I feel I've still got some bases (i.e. a Strat, a semi-hollow, a really good acoustic, a bass) to cover, but I think some P-90s are definitely in my future--if I keep playing guitar long enough.


Come to think of it, something like an ES-330L would probably suit me nicely.




Except for the price tag...[unsure]

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