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Female vocals..


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Ok, so was going through my music and I have over 3000 artists on my hard drive! and not one female vocalist in there....


I just don't like female vocals....now I'm not proud of this, so can anyone suggest some female vocalists I might like? [unsure]


Grace Potter and the Nocturnals


She has some other things I like too [blush]

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Ann Wilson (Heart), Melissa Ethridge, there are so many that are great vocalists....


I'm not a huge fan of most female vocalist in "Rock" music but am open minded ( eared?)


Ann Wilson - Mistral Wind!!!! Keeeripes! She has the power to pull it off! Janice was good.... Pat Benatar was pretty decent.


This really kicks in around 2:15


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I tend to like the more one hit wonder aspect of female vocals more than a whole cd of the same female singer.


Also, I just have a strange obsession for this song, I don't know why. It just somehow obsesses me. It might need to be Baker acted.



(sorry, the Florida Baker act allows them to send you to the looney bin for a 3 day evaluation if they think your nuts)



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Have you considered that maybe you're just a misogynist?



Nah...I love women...so that can't be right...just can't find any female vocalists I like....


Maybe it's because I love people like Johnny Cash, Howlin Wolf, Cpt. Beefheart?....they are all pretty big deep voices?...

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