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Who has been the greatest live act ever?


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Pink Floyd Animals or the Wall were both amazing. Grateful dead was pretty amazing also and some of the old Kiss tours. Hmm now that I list these out maybe it was the chemically enhanced state for these groups and not the concert...


edit - For just wicked guitar I forgot about Ted Nugent he's always pretty wild to watch. And for long really amazing musical concerts Van Morrison and Warren Haynes have both done some amazing shows I was lucky enough to attend


Oh well still memorable

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Close this thread now' date=' it has been setled.[/quote']


Tim your right Maiden, were awsome live 15yrs ago.... Seen them twice in the last two years...What a let down!!


Queen live 86 Wembley.......was the ultimate....



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Tough question....


Pink Floyed at Earls Court in London

The Police in Chicago on the opening show of their Synchonicity tour?

Stevie Ray Vaughan in Nashville - 2 months before the crash

Larry Carlton & Roben Ford - 2 smokin' lead guitars, bass, and drums!! Only 1 song with words!!


Did anybody mention Madona, Cyndi Luaper, or Flock of Seaguls?

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