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first gibson, j45 tv


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Well I did it, purchased my first gibson, something that has always been out of my reach,

after looking at acoustics ,reading up on them and how well they record, talking with tracking and mixing guys, one name came up over and over the j45,

then zzsounds started a 12 month pay plan, I could do this.

For the last few days I mulled it over, thinking of the pros ad cons of doing this, my mouth got dry,

I had put a true vintage j45 in my cart got to the c-card payment part as I have many times, but this time I did it, it will be here in 2 days, its a lot like when I got my harley, a purchase I have been very happy with over the years, and puts a smile on my face every time I see it, hope the j45 tv , does the same.

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When I got mine, I had ordered two of them so I could do a size by side comparison. Turns out that they were both equally killer so I wound up keeping the one with the best looking top. It seems the J-45TV's are pretty consistent in terms of tone, volume, fit and finish. I wouldn't hesitate to order one sight unseen. The set up on both Guitars was near perfect.

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The internet is a wonderful place, I have never owned an acoustic, but think I have a good basic understanding of where to start.

The journey started looking at martins, and may still one day end up with a d-18.

To be truthful, I did not like the look of the j-45 , the burst, the pickgard, but it began to grow on me.

The mojo of the j-45tv headstock, the wood, the glue, the gibson name, the history of the guitar, I have grown to love the looks.

The real kicker was a discussion of sound engineers talking about cl-icky sounding guitar recordings,(hint starts with a T) and eq, about 3 of them all had the same solution to the problem.

Use a j-45


today it ships out and has been overnighted, one wake up left I suppose. Gonna be a long day.


Thank you all for your reply’s, I can tell your a great group of guys that enable me double and triple up payments to do this all over again on the les pual standard I have lusted after for many years....lol

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So for those of you that own the J45 TV, how would you describe the tone? I'm looking at the exact situation as the OP here on zzounds and it's mighty tempting. I'm looking for a great acoustic that's super balanced and warm.


I'm not good at describing it, but if you're after the typical J-45 tone and know what that sounds like, get a J-45 TV. Pretty sure you won't be disappointed, even thought the OP actually was.

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Well if your asking about its tone and its tone only...its a soulful guitar.


Be warned how ever, the bridges are made now 2 pieces, the fretboard is also 2 pieces glued together...

despite asking what the finger board is made of , I as of yet to receive a reply …

if your cool with a guitar that looks like this for $3200 and it only about tone....there ya go...it sounds great.

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Hello everybody!!!


I'm a new gibson j45 tv owner!!!!!

After something like 30 years that I've been playing guitar finally I got my first Gibson!!!

...and as you can see I'm a bit exited ;-)


First of all I want to apologize for my bad english ( I'm italian and the italians usually can only speak a little bit of italian).


I tell you guys, this is the most beautiful guitar I've ever owned, it sounds really great....each time I pick it up it tooks at least a couple of hours till she lets me go to sleep ;-)


I would like to ask and share with you so many things that I decided to be a part of the forum.



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How are the bridge and fretboard, single pieces or does it have the 2 piece bridge & fretboard?


I'm not sure I've understood what you ask. If you mean that the bridge is a single peace of wood and the freboard too....yes it's single peace.

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