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What would you do if YOU and ME Met AC/DC??!


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I'd tell you to have a great time and I'd walk off looking for something i personally found more interesting like a beer. Now the above post about Govt Mule hell yeah then I'm in all the way there a great group of guys and Warren has to be one of the nicest players out there but AC/DC nope I'd just make room for somebody else that really cared.


It's hard though sometimes I was at a large Country Thunder show a few years ago and I was backstage and Billy Ray Cyress walked over shook are hands etc then was like do you guys want a picture of me with you I don't mind. We kind of shrugged and he had somebody take the picture and then he walked off to another group of people. The young woman that was assisting everyone and had taken the phone walked over and handed me my phone she leaned in and said that's Billy Ray Cyrus he one of the headliners I shrugged and she grinned and said he did the song Achy Breaky Heart it snapped and I knew who me was then and I said Oh isn't he more famous now for being the father of Miley Cyrus? She nodded and said yeah probably but don't say anything please he thinks everybody wants to meet him. I just nodded and got another beer. I thought it was a hoot until he walked out front and then thousand of 40 year old woman were screaming his name t the top of their long almost like he was a old time rock and roll star so who knows!

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Lemme guess, you don't like AC/DC?


I didn't really know much about them at the time. I wanted to see the support band, British Lions (ex members of Mott the Hoople), but they never showed up. Sat through the first few AC/DC songs and they were really bad. My mates and I would go to The King George’s Hall, Blackburn, Lancs, here in the U.K and watch virtually any band that played there (if I recall the tickets were £1.50-£2.00, so you could afford to), we saw some great bands, and some awful ones, but I think AC/DC were the only one that we walked out of.

A lot of the bands that we saw there went on to great things, in fact the first gig that I saw there (my big sister took me) was Mott the Hoople, supported by Queen.

Never liked AC/DC since, like I said, can I have my £1.50 (I think that is probably about $2 in your parlance) back please?




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First, I'd show them how to play "Baby Please Don't Go". This version always bugged me, I don't like what they do to the riff.




Then I'd ask where they keep that big Rosie the bring out in concert. That thing must have it's own warehouse somewhere next to Pink Floyd's pig.



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This post has been making laugh to myself for several day's my wife is about five years younger than me and when we met one of her favorite songs was Highway to Hell. So of course when we started dating she asked me if I could play that. I laughed and said hell you could play that song, she looked confused and said but i don't play guitar at all. All I said was either do they that's gotta be the worse excuse for a song that's ever been written. It's the same stupid verse over and over without any musical redemption of any kind. It has become a standing joke I still won't play it and she still ask's a couple times a year. I finally agreed that if she ever dies before me I'll play it at her funeral but that would be the only time. There's been a lot of great groups and music over the last 50 years but there been a couple I just can't understand the popularity AC/DC and Kiss are at the top of that list for me. I respect there success in a tough business but that's it I don't own a single song from either group and have never even tried to learn a song they did. I know there popular and I have no issue with people that love them I just could never understand the concept of the music they played. She used to joke about wanting to see them in concert I bought tickets and sent her with her friends I wouldn't go to a AC/DC concert if it was in my backyard but she still loves them and still plays a cd in her car usually when I'm riding with her.


Ive paid her back though I take her to Gov't mule concerts every year she loves the music. but she says she thinks Warren is to homely to watch live while I think he's amazing.


Although my wife also went to a Madonna concert about a week ago with my sister and was making fun of me for not wanting to go but come on $389 to see Mnadonna prove she's a lunatic on stage no thanks.

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If I were to meet AC/DC... I would thank them for the sound that they made as a collective and that would probably be all, but that's just me. I have never been the type to get "star struck" when I meet a celebrity (granted, there may be an exception). But as an example, I had the opportunity to meet Alice Cooper about a year ago. While everyone was asking him about his days with the A.C.G., writing "Eighteen", etc. I was thinking about what I could ask him that wouldn't be the "norm" fan conversation. So this is how it went...


Me - Hello, Mr. Cooper, how are you?

A.C. - Doing fine.

Me - So, I have a question for you, if you don't mind.

A.C. - Sure.

Me - What all is involved in, and how long does it take to record a radio show?


After I asked that... you wouldn't BELIEVE how his face lit up. He spoke with me about the whole process for quite a while and I actually had to tell Alice Cooper that I had to go! I know it sounds bizarre, but it is true.


So I guess, if I were to give advice, ask your musical heroes about something current in his or her life or something that is not typically asked... It may not make them remember meeting you, but it will at least spark his or her interest in having a conversation with you... Just my opinion...

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