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I don't mind the black, but it is uneven gloss and just looks...punk. If I could get it down to the wood and she had a decent grain I would leave that. Or, back in black.


The cool thing on this guitar, although a challenge to replace is the single coil PUs have humbucker style mounting rings, just at the single coil width. Gibson cant provide, no website I have found can provide. Looks like custom wood work.


How does it sound: super. Dirty fingers at the bridge rocks, and then single coil in mid and neck let you get a strat bright sound and a warm tone similar to (but not twangy like a telecaster) . Individual on-offs for each PU and a stock split coil push/pull volume gives 11 different combinations. if you only have the budget for one guitar...



Never seen one of those before with that interesting pickup/ switch layout - how does it sound & play? I found some pics on the internet of them and see the stock pink finish you mentioned. What was Gibson thinking with that colour finish?! It certainly looks better in black IMO. What colour are you going use?

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