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Got a new Keb Mo' Bluesmaster


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Hi All,


I finally have my keeper Gibson Acoustic. It is a real beauty and plays/sounds like a dream. It was a little bit of a rough path that lead me to it, but it was worth the effort. I cannot think of one bad thing about it. One cool thing about it is that it now comes in a smaller, tighter fitting case, so no need to try to replace it. The older blue ones were quite big for the smaller models, I am glad Gibson sorted this issue. I would say the tone is a slightly less bass J-45 like, but with the neck placement it really gets the sweet spot of that kind of tone. This guitar loves fingerstyle and is good with a pick and often I have to look down to remind myself this is a L-00 sized guitar. To be honest, the guitar feels normal sized for my 5 foot 7 and a half frame. The fatter lower bout really gives the tone extra depth and a good amount of bass. I wonder how the tone will develop over the years?


Well Done Gibson!!!




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Very fine Gibson creation. Chose it over a few of the small bodies I a/b'd. It was not as comfy as some, but the tone> nothing matched it that day. Kinda pricey.....but then you get what you pay for. Congrats on a super fine Gibson small body[thumbup]

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That is a nice looking guitar and I'm sure it sounds great too. I've never seen one in a store around here, so haven't had the pleasure of trying one out. Congratulations!

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Periodically I go to the Ventura GC, Acoustic room.

There was one of these used for sale starting the next month. It was opened up and so wonderful.

Trying out all the Martin, Gibson acoustics in the room I played a couple gems.

Yet out of the 20 tried and this one had a voice that made you personalize your playing.

Maybe the bluesy wide string saddle?

Maybe the tone or feel?

But for some reason I just started to play a little differently on it. I enjoyed that adventure.

Wish I drove back down and bought it.


Congratulations on the fine instrument.

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Congrats on your new guitar, hope you have as much enjoyment playing yours as I do mine.


When I first looked at this guitar, 2 yrs ago, I fell in love with everything about it, the short neck,

narrow body, wider nut (fat fingered), well just about everything but the price. It was to late though,

the GAS had me in full force.


Not being able to make the new price I referred to scouring the internet, ebay had a few to make offers on,

saw a couple at other online shops, made them offers also. Got turned down so many times I thought I was a

red headed step child.


Saw one on ebay, 2013 model, about 2 months ago. I talked with the owner about why he's selling, said he

thought he was going to like it but just he never took to it. It had just been in it's tight fitting case

since he bought it new.


I made him an offer of $1600 on that Monday & by Friday it was mine, haven't regretted it at all, was a

little skeptical buying on ebay, my wife a little more than skeptical, but after she saw it, saw the look

on my face, could of cost a gold mine, wouldn't of mattered.


Enough of my rambling, enjoy your new guitar Freddie.



I'll re-pixel my camera, the shots I have now are to big, later.

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Sometimes I get burnt out on a new guitar within a few months, but this one just keeps growing on me. It is starting to settle a bit and is developing a real classic chime/bell Gibby tone. I doubted the idea that the guitar was made to capture a sweet spot type of tone.... maybe it is.... When I first got it it sounded great, but I could hear that it was skipping over the midrange area, but now it is coming more alive with a warmer more balanced tone, I didn't expect it to as it is a very small box.




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Hey man,


I'll bet you already put your nose in the sound hole to smell that wood!!! Hey, I've done the same! A long road indeed to stake your claim ! And just think, this is one of the finest guitars, and I have one of them! American made and world played !!!!!!!!!! Man,enjoy ! By the way, it's beautiful !

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