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Show Me Your Telecasters!


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No real point as mine is the twin of your back-row-right-hand-side. Nice family, Rev!



Let me guess;

"Blondie"; "Reddy"; "Bursty"; "Scotchy"; "Silvery"; "Effie" & "Carrot"?






EDIT : Actually I've just noticed; mine ISN'T the twin (blah-blah) as mine has individual bridge saddles......eusa_think.gif.....'part from that it looks much the same.

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Very nice indeed Rev you lucky man! Tasty!


I only have one, which is going in the box with me. This image has been posted before.


The original scratchplate is white, been thinking about changing it back ......



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I have two. 2008 Vintage Modified Squier Olympic White SSH Telecaster (I changed the neck), and a 2016 Lake Placid Blue Fender Standard Telecaster.

Love them both equally!



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Why is the logo covered up on the blonde one?

It had a Fender logo on it when I bought it (for £45:00) which I removed and wrote my name in it's place. It's a squier and the serial no. is still intact on the back of the headstock.Here's one without the cover-up


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Well, I don't have a group shot of my three Teles... but....


This was my first - the 62 reissue in this shot




It's been through quite a few changes - first I routed and added a Strat pup in the middle Nashville style...




Later I routed it out for the Firebird pickup that is in it now and removed the middle pup...




And finally added a Rollling Bender to it... I'm thinking about adding the Strat pup back in the middle



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