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Died 5 hrs ago


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I saw them 3 times. People slag on the Moodies but in the late 60's and early 70's they made some damn fine albums.


They really were a great live band:



Absolutely true.


I saw them at festivals in 1969 and 1970 and they had a tremendous live set, no messing and totally professional; I think all of them sang, which really set them apart from other bands at the time.




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You couldn’t appreciate their full impact on the music scene of the day unless you were a teenager in 1967-69 sitting in the floor at the Filmore watching the Moods while expanding your mind, msp_drool.gif

I saw them with Eric Burton and the Animals and Blue Cheer, and Sweetwater.



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1515403721[/url]' post='1907208']

I think Ray died last week, but nonetheless.

Chris Tsangarides too - I recall him from the Anvil movie but also produced albums for Sabbath, ThinLizzy and many others.

Onwards it rolls.


Yes, the first source I saw claimed a few hours ago and I took there word on it, just looked it up and he died 1-4-2018 from Prostate cancer.

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I think only John, Justin and Graeme are still in the band. I saw them the first time and maybe second with Ray and Patrick Moraz in the band.


That's the problem, either they break up and never play together again or some die splitting the band up. It's getting down to the, "Bear necessities" I'm just glad we got to see who we've seen. Wife and I must have been to 100 concerts and seen a lot of great bands.

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