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I swore off buying new 2018 Gibsons after the price hikes and my disappointment with my RD Artist so I figured for my latest guitar, I should take a trip back to everyone's least favorite year in Gibson history, 2015. I made the 180 mile round trip up to the Guitar Center in Allentown for this guitar and to partake of the gourmet delicacies offered by White Castle. The trip was a total win on both accounts!


2015 Gibsons are disliked fairly universally for the G-Force tuners so I was not disappointed that this guitar had them swapped out for Grovers. The guitar has the G-Force tuners in the case and everything is in great condition. Simply put, this guitar rocks, pun intended. The guitar stays in tune in spite of the brass nut on it so I may not swap it out. Here are some pictures of the guitar:











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The guitar stays in tune in spite of the brass nut on it so I may not swap it out.








Most of us 2015 owners got the brass nut changed over to the titanium replacement NOT because of tuning issues, but because the strings wore ruts into the zero fret.


The titanium replacement is for the insert, not the receptacle that holds it. Gibson sent replacements for free. Although it was made harder for us European owners.


I would suggest asking Gibson for the titanium nut, or at least keep a close eye on the zero fret for wear meanwhile.

Being able to adjust action at the nut as well as the bridge is very useful, albeit odd at first.



Finally, congrats on that very tidy looking guitar!

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