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gibons are gone!


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Jeez' date=' Thunder cut the kid some slack. He spells Gibson as gibon. Now you expect him to get the choices in his poll organized properly? You are probably crushing his self esteem! [/quote']


We won't even talk about Laguana. OOPs, I just did =P~

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While Fender and Jackson are both made by FMIC they don't belong bound together. Their production Teams and Guitars are as different as two seperate companies. Like Thundergod said.


Since I already play Fenders and Gibsons I couldn't replace my Gibby with a Fender. I'd have to go with Epiphone.

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there are a lot of great guitar companies out there now. must say i'm surprised that nobody mentioned some like Collings, or Taylor who are both making some excellent solid body electrics these days.

but for my money, the closest thing that comes to a Les Paul is The Heritage CM150 models.

as some folks will know, these are made at the old Gibson factory on Parson Street in Kalamazoo Michigan, by former employees of Gibson who took over the factory when Gibson moved to Nashville.

i currently own 3 different Heritage solidbody electrics and they are all great. (i also own about 15 Gibson solid body electrics).

the one in the photo is a 20th Anniversary limited edition (#9 of only 20 made)

as you can see, it has a beautiful flamed maple cap, solid mahogany back and neck, full binding. rosewood fretboard, real mother of pearl inlays, 2 special wound Seymour Duncan p/u, etc.


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