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Does anyone like les paul studios


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I haven't owned a Les Paul since the mid '90's, but I bought an '08 Studio for my daughters birthday and snuck it out and gigged it.


I was very impressed. Those pickups are great. I didn't care for the .09's I put on it for her, but it had everything going on.


I'd buy myself one in a heartbeat, it I wanted one. I prefer doublecuts.


The Fireburst actually works with the Gold Hardware, it's a damned fine guitar.



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I own a 1982 Les Paul XR III, which is just like the studio. They have the same pickups as the standared, the only diff is the cosmectics. get real people, check out the spec's. I love mine and can not any diff in the guitars, and have played them both


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I have a '00 wine red studio, that has some details I'm not so fond of. The trapeze inlays on the neck has got to be the smallest ever.. which makes it look really strange when I compare it to my R6.


But the main reason why the R6 is my main axe is the neck pups and playability..



ps. don't get me wrong, I really like the studio.. But found a guitar better suited for me..

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I think the only one that doesnt like them at all is Homz... and I can see why he doesn't like them (he has a 1st run robot which was a lot more expensive than your average normal production studio... maybe if he paid half of what he paid for his standard he would like her better).

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To a answer for the origanal question, yes, and no. I highly dislike "Faded" and those god aweful "worn brown" and worn red" stained guitars. I like the white LP Studios, as they have ebony fingerboards. Something about that makes them stand out (playability-wise) then any other Studio.

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I really don't care for the look of LP Studios that much. The lack of binding makes it look a little boring and stripped down.


However...... I have an old 1991 Wine Red LP Studio with chrome hardware and ebony fretboard. It plays and sounds so incredibly sweet!! It has big phat warm tone with just the right amount of bite. And it has a really comfortable smooth feel.


I got it for $650 with hardshell case. I couldn't pass that up!!

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first off i will try and keep this short because i tend to ramble from time to time...


the beautiful thing about America is...if you dont like it...you dont have to buy it!

Les Paul Studios are every bit as legitimate as standards and other gibsons...


they work dont they?

they just dont have the trim and appointments of the higher level guitars...

They are called "Studio" guitars for a reason...

obviously the standards look gorgeous and so do the R9's and R8's...the robots too even!

I have a VM and love it so much...does that mean i prefer it to a standard?

its hard to say because i dont own a standard...but sound wise its definitely a gibson!


and for those that dont like the worn brown or worn cherry stains...unfortunately for you gibson's new studios only come in those colors i think i remember reading...so get those wine red's now before they become collector's items!


Bottom line...studio Les Paul's are just as badass as the others...just cheaper!

and im all for it!

now does that mean i wouldnt take a standard of R9 if the price is right??

of course not i would jump on that in a second...but you wont find me trying to sell my studio...ever!

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