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I’ve been checking in regularly but feeling quiet, I guess. It’s that time of the year my Gibsons are hydrating in their cases, and I only pick up the Rainsong every once in awhile.

Glad I did today, as I was greeted by this new song. I feel my writing is especially simple these days—but it’s still fun, when it happens. Not complaining one whit!

Have a listen, if you like—it is, if course, a rough and early draft, but I think it’ll work. “When It All Shakes Out.”


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Anne, this is superb.  I love the place you write from.  It’s deep inside your soul and very fragile and human.  You express hard-hitting feelings in a very gentle way..  I think everyone who likes writing their own songs could learn from you…..Excellent., my friend.

On scale of 10, I give you 100!  And your voice and guitar playing remind me of Eva Cassidy….  You inspire me to start recoding again.  God Bless!

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Really nice.   What music should ultimately do, after it makes us feel -  make us think.  And then feel some more.   Your guitar work is excellent, your writing - superb. And  MP gave you the highest praise when he compare your singing to Eva Cassidy.   Thanks for posting. 

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