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Haiti earthquake, who's fault was it?


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Who is at fault?

What caused the earthquake in Haiti?

Who killed an estimated 100,000 people?



Good ol' Pat Robertson has it all figured out.

The Televangelist said on his CBN TV show that they brought it on themselves.

In an effort to rid themselves of French rule 200 years ago, they made a Deal With The Devil.






No kidding, check it out for yourselves...









Then there's actor/activist/sh!t-stirrer Danny Glover. Now he says that it's our fault in the United States.

Because we didn't do what we "should have" at the Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen.


Here's the "news" show he made the statement on, the clip is pretty lengthy.

I could not embed it, sorry.






Here's a short audio clip that gets right to the point of the matter.

Same audio from Glover.






Give me a break!!!


To use a phrase I picked up from my Dad years ago, they're BOTH nuttier than a sh!t house rat.

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Obama caused it. He needed something to lift his approval rating so he had his secret scientists devise a way to cause an earthquake. He can then rush to their aid and make himself look favorable. Just like when Bush had the twin towers attacked. Katrina was also Bushes doing. Mwohoohoohhohahahahaahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now the White House says it will allow Haitians already in the U.S. illegally to remain here in the USA.


Isn't that special...?



Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano granted them temporary protected status on Friday.

It's only available to Haitians already in the country, cuz, ya gotta draw the line somewhere...




I didn't know this, just found out that on Wednesday Napolitano temporarily halted deportations of Haitians,

even those already in detention. In other words, they were arrested for criminal activity because God knows

Napolitano would NEVER have someone detained simply because of their immigration "status" - as they call it.


A statement in there somewhere was that "temporary protected status is granted to foreigners who may not

be able to return safely to their country because of a natural disaster, armed conflict or other reasons...."



Let me point out something here;

Maybe that's what it used to mean.


Those Haitians already being fed, housed, clothed, educated, medicated, and legally represented courtesy of

the American taxpayers weren't going anywhere anyway. Anybody have any idea how many people we actually

deport from the United States each year?

Not very many...


I guaran-fxcking-tee you Napolitano didn't do anything to stop the flow of literally millions of criminal invaders coming across the Arizona/Mexico border when she was Attorney General and then Governor of Arizona.


The plan is to get 20 million of them some sort of residency status here in order to get them registered to vote.

And who will they vote for?

The people giving away all the "free" sh!t that I pay for.


Same as them wanting to restore voting rights to millions of felons, even those still behind bars.

So if the Haitians, Mexicans, Somalians, Nigerians, Palistinians have a criminal record - no problem...



This nation needs an enema, and it needs to be inserted in the Potomac River.

Hopefully Napolitano has her mouth open....

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Haitia's exiled former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide says he'll go back and fix everything!


He screwed up the poorest, most screwed-up country in the western hemisphere even more during

the 15 years he was in and out of office, depending on the mood of the people and the military.


What aid they were getting from around the world was put in jeopardy by his stupidity several times.

Nobody seems to remember our military has been in and out of there for decades, in the 90's they were

actually keeping the peace and stopping the rioting/looting/murdering as best they could.


Now he's gonna leave his hiding place in South Africa and return to "help" them.

He made the statement, but refused to speak to the media, so who knows what that idiot intends to do.


I'm sure he'd like to start drawing a steady paycheck again - lotsa money gets thrown around in a crisis....

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Judging from Pat Robertson's drivel, I would say HE is the devil.


And I would add, anyone who believes him is just plain stupid.


Here we have a true natural disaster, and if the people there aren't having enough problems, we have this evil "man of God" insulting them and telling them it's their own fault.


That goes beyond thoughtlessness and is both cruel and evil.


Insights and incites by Notes

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Now the White House says it will allow Haitians already in the U.S. illegally to remain here in the USA.


Isn't that special...?


Not really. The same thing was granted for Honduras and Nicargua in 1999 after a hurricane and for El Salavador in 2001 after earthquakes there.


"We're living in a society here!" - George Costanza

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Well, I don't know who was at fault but I did hear that a Haitian hit an A note on a Lester hooked up to a hot rodded Marshall stack and the sustain was a tad too much. [biggrin]O:)


Seriously though, my heart goes out to them. I would not wish that on my worst enemy. I have an employee from Haiti that does not know if his mom is alive or dead. He did hear the house was still standing...but does not know if she was at home or out and about. Can you imagine wondering if your mom was dead or alive and no way to find out?

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Personally I think it was the Mid Atlantic Fault' date='[/quote']


The North American and Caribbean plates meet in Hispaniola - a geological nightmare.




Notably, the US territory Puerto Rico is only 400 miles from Haiti. However it does not have a fault line running directly through it, and in fact rests on its own micro-plate. Still it has had earthquakes, the last being in 1918.


Also notable, the last major earthquake in Hispaniola occurred in 1946 in the Dominican Republic, the very place Robertson cited as being superior to Haiti since the Dominicans had not made a deal with the devil. One wonders to whom Robertson would attribute the Dominican quake...

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Pat Robertson said the same damn thing about 9/11 and Katrina. No big surprise. Practically speaking, Uncle Sam can't exactly deport Haitian illegals back to a rubble heap, so no big surprise there either. I doubt their votes will be a windfall for anybody anyhow, on the Federal level.

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It's my fault (no pun intended). I admit it now. I own a earth quake machine, I bought it on ebay! Got a heck of a deal.

What a stupid question! Man doesn't cause earthquakes! We can't cause hurricanes either, that's why they are called "natural disasters".

No the Earth didn't strike back at man for peeing on her, or throw beer cans in a river.....or for pumping car exhaust into the air. The most powerful earthquake ever recorded in North America happened in the early 1800's on the New Madras fault line which runs under the Mississippi River basin, the Mississippi River actually ran backwards for two day's.

There were no car's, there were few large city's, there were fewer large smoke stacks pumping fumes into the atmosphere.

Time to grow up folks, we live on this rock at the mercy of nature. We are just not that important to the cosmos. [blink]

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