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Which top?

Silenced Fred

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I'm a guitar whore. I love them all. When it comes to LPs' date=' flame top does not work for me. But somehow, it works on the PRS SC models. Go figure.[/quote']

Thats the complte opposite for me.

I also love all guitar.

Minus ESP's. :-

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I like plain or very little flame but I do enjoy how extravagantly beautiful flamed tops can look.


Nathan I see you quoted me in your signature' date=' hey, it is funny because it's true.[/quote']


I told you I was going to, It literally made me laugh and snort Pepsi out my nose when I read it.


You are the only person quoted in there other than myself, its an honor

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On LPs I like.....


Dark Transparent Quilt Tops


Light Transparent Flame Maple


Sunburst (anyburst, that is) Plain Top


Except Gold Tops and maybe White I don't really like solid color Les Pauls.


Strats Either Solid Color or Transparent. Not big on Sunburst Strat, but much like a solid color LP, I wouldn't turn one down.

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I voted 'Other'.


I like both plain- and flame-tops - especially the non-matched ones - but my favourite would have to have beautiful flowing grain - whether it was flame or plain wouldn't matter that much.


As examples, anyone with 'The Beauty of the Burst' can look up numbers 8 6749, 8 6752, 9 2324..........


I can't stand most quilt-tops.

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