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Happy 50th B-Day to me!!!


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Do like the grain...very nice. I like the way both look but I think I favor the goldtops. Speed knobs on the otherhand is another matter...do love them.


Anyhow congrats and happy 50. Got my 56th coming next month...LOL, lucky if I be able to afford even a birthday card.

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yeah.. nice dot!

I do like the black knobs with silver inserts better.

graph tech saddles..

tusq nut..

you're gonna hear a lot more tone!

But even dead stock.. we all know the dot is pretty dang nice.



and many more BDays as well!



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Thanks all. I really didn't think about those knobs until you mentioned them. I guess they don't really look right. Do any stores carry them, or do I have to order them from someone online?


I'm really impressed with the Dot so far. I can't find a single flaw with the fit and finish. The intonation is off just a hair, and that's the only thing I can find that's wrong with it!!! I love the nice thick tone. I'm a happy dude. Thanks again!!!

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