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my dear, departed 333... i owned it all of 30 seconds after finding out it arrived with a snapped headstock... courtesy UPS.


Too bad it is departed.

I got one like it and it blows a lot of 335s out of the water.

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All the guitars pictured are lovely however I find the guitars belonging to Chanman and Krock to particularly outstanding and beautiful.The bookmatching of both guitars is flawless and that's no easy thing to achieve.I have a few guitars with natural finishes and love the look of the grain of the wood. One of the most oustanding woodgrains I've seen is Witch hazel-it's absolutely incredible,some day I hope to build a solid body either entirely of witch hazel or a witch hazel cap.

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My 94 Fender Jazz




2004 Strat limited edition


I'm in the process of modding it now. I'm replacing the Seymour Duncan pups with Texas Specials. I'm replacing the chrome hardware with gold. Topping it off with a tortuous pickguard.



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