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Why do you think people spout off on bands they dislike?


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I'm just copying this from a post I made on MLP...wanted your thoughts on it. It happens here too...people post a whole thread about "This band sucks" or "Am i the only one who hates this band?"...


Here are my thoughts on the subject.


I think its because they want to know they are not the only ones that dislike it. They need some comraderie in their negativity. They need someone to agree with them and the more the merrier.


Often these threads are laced with positivity I.E. "Sure he's a great guitar player and he's been around but (verbal eraser) I can't stand the way he plays and his outfits are stupid. But hey he's doing something right because people like him and he's still making records"...but from where I am from, we call that a "****" sandwich...and the buns (positive thoughts) are only there so you don't get your hands all shitty.


I try not to talk crap about artists (except with Steve cuz its fun)...for me, every artist has some redeeming value if I spend the time to listen to it enough. That said, there is so much stuff I like on the first listen that I tend not to have the time to explore the stuff I "don't like"...


But hey sometimes you get caught up in the mob mentality. It happens to everyone...I ain't perfect but I try and remember two things when i'm about to throw a diss to an artist:


1) They are doing what they love to do and entertaining people - someone likes it or I never would have heard of it.


2) Who the hell am I to judge?




Edit: Similar to these statements are the "Help me understand X band"...


It's just a creative (sort of) way of throwing a dis the bands way. You can't explain the appeal of a band to someone. You either like it or you don't and either way is cool with me.

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Only young people can:


1. Spend(waste) valuable energy on something they dislike and don't even listen to.


2. Believe that anyone actually gives a crap about their dumb opinion of some even dumber pop star, metal band, country bumpkin, whatever.


So at the very least, if not age maybe maturity has something to do with it.


In most internet arenas like this one and usenet, I do it to get a rise out of someone.



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IMO there is an unfortunate tendency on the internet in general


To spout negatively about any subject or people


It quickly becomes boring and repetitive, often including gratuitous profanity


U Tube disappointingly contains much of this 'up yours' attitude regarding comments on posts


Some inadequate people have found their outlet [biggrin]


Although some negativity can be appropriate and truthful at times


As the man with vertigo said...'It's all a question of balance'





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I don't get it. Why hate a band? Just don't listen to it and that's all.


I don't hate any band, I love some and listen mostly to those, but I do listen to everything (and I mean EVERYTHING, including stuff that would make Justin bieber and the jonas brothers look like bad *** rock gods).


I laugh every time I see people wasting hours of their life hating on stuff and writing about it... or posting comments on videos on youtube like "take a look on minute 4:56 he gives a girly look" ... all I can say is WTF? They not only don't like the band/artist but they hate it, and then they go and watch the entire video and give a report on it second by second?


Crazy g00fy

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I should mention....this happens alot when someone posts something that they like...people feel the need to bust into the thread and tell the OP that the band sucks, or they don't like them because of X reason.


This happens usually in Steve's threads so maybe some people are just reverse trolling him but some aren't. :)

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It seems the majority find it easier to bash,downplay,and point out all the reasons they think a band or musician is horrible,stupid,unworthy of any praise/recognition.And not just in a forum.Take a few of the current pop stars,Lady Gaga,Beiber,Katy Perry etc...they may not be your style of music,you may think they make stupid songs,or cant stand something about them.But in reality,they are doing what millions would like to be doing,"selling out arenas".I wonder how many guitarists <in this forum> would set thier music likes/dislikes to the side and go tour w/ any of the 3 mentioned artists? Hell,lets pick the worst of the 3 imo,lets say Beiber has a guitarist spot open and he comes to the forum and puts up an ad,how many would turn thier noses up at the chance to buy a new gibby every month/week? but the catch is ya gotta go play Beiber songs for a living.A forum member replied the phrase "buttrock" when i mentioned Daughtrys name once.Buttrock,craprock,stupidrock, it doesnt matter what ya call it/him,the dude is filling stadiums and arenas and living the dream.You can always dislike someones music,but how much can ya really bash any artist selling out arenas singing his 'own' songs? It'd be intersting to see the replies or the lack thereof on a thread titled "I'm Touring With Beiber".Id be willing to bet the thread gets removed in a day due to the bashing,nevermind cheering on your forum member for getting the gig,lets bash him for playing buttrock lol.Bad news sells,always has,always will.

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I guess they are the same people who post in someone else's "I like this artist" thread. You know, someone posts a vid of their favorite artist playing, and at least one person has to poop on it and tell you how much that artist sucks.

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It hits on that old saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". And for the life of us, we find that incredibly hard. I usually try my best to stay away from that sort of thing (I have struggled with it in the past). Heck, if you post something I like... well I'll let you know!


Sometimes I think people just need to relax...

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Cuz it takes less typing when yer critical of something.


Take for example:






I just disparaged an entire genre of music in 10 characters.


Not including the space bar







Actually I get the "____ sucks" comments, I feel sorry for those who make them because those comments show how little they know in the way of words. But, at least they keep it simple and easy and do not waste an entire day posting about it... I don't get the 3 page long easy on how Nickleback sucks and JB (justin bieber or jonas brothers, your pick) is the worst show ever.

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I don't go into long drawn out tirades about bands I dislike I just say that I dislike them and usually leave at that unless there just one or two things about them that turns me off,for instance Rush.Although I respect their musical content on the whole and acknowledge the fact that each one of them is a very accomplished musician in his own right,however Geddy Lee's voice is so high pitched and almost girlish and it just grates on me so much that it takes away from the music as far as I'm concerned.It should take a person just a sentence or two to explain why they can't take to a band. There really is no need for a dissertation along the lines of an epic novel.

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Totally agree with Thundergod,


If you don't like something, just get to the point and move on.


Or like BonzoBoy states, if you think they're good 'cept for one or two minor annoyances, move on and be done with it.




'Cept, I think his haircut's kinda cool [flapper]



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