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Another poster, James Beam, brought up The Moody Blues, one of the great bands of the 60s. On this forum when we think of Rock, we always focus on the guitar, as we should as the forum is about Gibson. But there is another side of pop and rock, the vocals, and when you think about it, the best bands have always had great vocals. That is not say that all great guitar players were great singers, SVR is one of my favorite acts, I liked Jimi and Dylan but they were not always the best singers, I would say they are more like story tellers that use the vocal part to set the stage, in the case of Jimi and SVR they used the voice to set up the guitar part. Blind Faith did this, the words were good,,the singing was good, but it was a vehicle for the solos.

But most of the best bands were great vocal groups. The Everly Brothers, The Beatles, The Moody Blues, Simon and Garfunckle, ELO all were built on a foundation of solid vocals.

Some of the best songs have been forgotten by us pickers because we focus so much on the guitarist.

The Hollies never really had a stand out guitarist, CSN&Y had good pickers but we really remember them more for the words the harmonies, lte's see where this takes us;




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Hi Jax...


Good topic.


I guess to me one difficulty on this one is that the great "rock" vocal groups seemed to be in the '50s and followed largely more of a "pop" thing in an updated style.


Fifth Dimension and Mamas and Papas were ... Rock????


I guess a bit of difficulty in definition arises. I'm not sure I'd even consider a lotta Beatles stuff as "rock," either, at least in terms of late '50s and after.



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