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Cheech and Chong.


The album days.


"Dave's not here."




My dad let me listen to their "Greatest Hit" album and wow haha, those guys were hilarious (their movie Up in Smoke was pretty funny too). I really gotta pick up some of their albums.





And I voted for George Carlin. Why do the good die young? The world sucks right now. Pryor is dead, Carlin is dead, and Dane Cook is healthy as a mule... yeah I stole that from somewhere :-

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I was a comedian for some years, and worked with some great comedians, and some not so great ones. As in music, you study those who have gone before you. During those years I came to realize that Richard Pryor was a comedic genius. His stuff would have been funny even without the language.


The man was brilliant. He was able to talk about race in such a way that made racism look absoutely insane. He was able to bridge the gap with all races and genders and ages.

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I voted for Redd Foxx; he's filthy and cracks me up. I like a lot of the others in your list too:


Bill Cosby - Great story teller and I can recite almost the entire "Noah" routine from "Best of Bill Cosby"


Robbin Williams - Younger folks might not remember his earlier standup but he was INSANE. It's nearly impossible to find (unless you get your hands on a bootleg) but his "Live at the Met" HBO performance is one of the funniest standup routines I've ber seen.


Richard Pryor - Not just a great comedian, but also a great writer. He was one of the writers of "Blazing Saddles" and, man, if you don't think THAT'S funny...


Jeff Foxworthy - Eh. He has his moments but I grew really tired of his whole "You might be a redneck" routine very quickly.


Jim Carrey - Great physical humor and excellent timing.


George Carlin - I'll probably get beaten for this, but I never cared much for George Carlin. Then again, I don't like political humor very much either.


Bill Engvall - Engvall is really underated, IMO, as he tends to get overshadowed by Foxworthy. He's funny as hell.


Jerry Seinfeld - Love the show, but the only standup of his that I've seen are the short bits on the show itself.

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Mitch Hedberg ... RIP...




I've got 2 of his CD. I was listening to 98 Rock in B'more and he was scheduled as a guest in the studio that day. They were very close with him and called his home # when he didn't show up at the station and were shocked to get his crying girlfriend on the line. That was a real buzzkill to say the least.

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