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9 hours ago, Dub-T-123 said:

Dude nice collection.. how does the R7 compare to the R9?

To me they are sort of the same. The 2018 GT has custombuckers, so do my 2019 R9s. The Custom R7 was from 2003, so it has 57s - what they were using back then apparently. But custombuckers are my favorite Gibson pickup. I like how they sound when you play through a good tube amp,  especially with a little bit of dirt. 
The biggest difference to me is the feel between the R7s and the R9s. Both R7s have fat necks and they feel a bit heavier than my R9s - which are both sub 9lbs. The R9 on the right is real light - 8lbs 3oz and I like this. The GT has tall skinny frets too which don’t seem to bother me at all - just different. The Custom though has shorter and wider frets kind of like the R9. Sonically though between the R9s and the GT, they are pretty similar to me being that the pickups are all custombuckers perhaps... I couldn’t tell them apart TBH. 
Really, the R7 GT is a great LP if you don’t want to dole out the extra cash for the R9. You’ll get a rock machine guaranteed. You get used to the bigger neck profile no problem. The tones on the R7 are right there with an R9. You won’t be disappointed with an R7 if you get one. 
It’s hard to make a choice, but if I had to pick one over the other it would be the R9 - just my preference. I like the comparatively smaller neck and wider frets better than the R7. To my taste, a LP should be like the R9s I have. I mean you have to have a favorite... right? Anything else you want to know give me a shout. 

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