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Greatest Love Song Of All Time

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If just repetition makes it great than it's gotta be Endless Love I played that at so many ****ing events and playing in bars drunk chicks used to ask for it about every 12 minutes for most of the 80's, every-time it was requested I wanted to open a wrist or shoot somebody in the crowd just to get past it. [biggrin]

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I'm showing my age...





that's probably the classic... but it was done by just about anybody and everybody as a standard.


Or... I like this orchestral arrangement but the Bea Wain 1939 version is probably better.



So... here's Bea, singing one that every girl piano player I knew was pounding out on the piano in the 1950s.



EDIT: Note the guitar player in the Artie Shaw version of Deep Purple sung by Helen Forest.

......... Also... Larry Clinton had two #1 hits with deep purple and heart and soul in '39 as I recall. Both remained popular and were played by just about everybody in the 50s.



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