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whats your favorite year/ model of les paul


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I voted for the 1958 Standard. Whilst orthodox thought is that 1959 was THE year, I like a nice 1958 plaintop 'burst (with lots of pale yellow).


Remember that whilst Jimmy Page has a 1959 Standard, he's also got a 1958 Standard. In fact I thought Jimmy's No1 is the 1958 with the shaved neck rather than his 1959 Standard, but it could be the other way around.


I was born in 1958 (but conceived in 1957!) and whilst I will never own or probably even hold an original 1958 or 1959 Standard, I have played both R8 & R9 (in guitar shops) and for some reason just preferred the R8. Hope to get an R8 one day.


But until then I'm perfectly happy with my 2004 Goldtop & 2006 'burst Standards.

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gary rossington i think now uses a 57 goldtop SWEET!! i'm gonna see skynyrd tomorrow in boca raton. "my first concert


Have fun sir! Skynyrd will no doubt make an excellent first concert.



My favorite "Vintage" year is 2007. Hey that was all the way back to last year........!



Ok ok ok.... '59. A Holy Grail isn't called a Holy Grail for nothing, I suppose....

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