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I'm more a dog Guy, Cat's kind of creep me out my wife had a cat when we got married but it really couldn't understand the concept of traffic so it got hit twice. the first time broke it's leg cost me over 600 dollars and that was 30 years ago. Second time it got hit it must have been it's ninth life because it ended up looking just like this.


Not really a bad thing the cat was a nightmare after we moved into my house it was upset about the marriage or something and it would pee on the stove burners nothing quite like that smell when you turn on the stove for coffee and a cat has wizzed on the burner, literally made your eye's water for hours.



and before you ask NOPE it wasn't me that turned the cat into road pizza although I would have bought the person a nice dinner if they would have identified themselves.




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My Mini, who passed away at age 18 on September 12, 2010.....


We have a 14 year old gal...........hangs on well.......spoiled as well....................still plays guitar, well, sleeps on them...[crying] ...

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