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Hi to all


I am feeling rather good at the moment -

I am sixty years old today; born June 29, 1954. That summer the World got Elvis, the Fender Stratocaster and.....me.

I spent the morning practicing and the afternoon playing my guitar; jazz duo gig at the local village fete, we played in between the brass band, the dance competition, announcements and prize givings etc. Background jazz - the best dog competition got more applause (until we played 'Baker Street') but I'm used to that sort of thing now, don't care. I've played this every year for the last 4 years now and it doubles in size every time.


The duo:



Must be a D7b5 chord:



It's not Glastonbury but I am still extraordinarily lucky and I lead a very privileged life.


Now I'm drinking a beer. Here's to as many more as I can, eh?


Best wishes to all.

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Very Happy Returns of the Day, jdgm!

Nice to see one of the Knights seeing the day. I have always liked them...


I, in turn, will lift a glass to yourself, your Good Health and bid you Slainte Math!





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Happy Version 6.0 jdgm! Music keeps you young! I hope you have 60 more! Never heard of Knight guitars before but that guitar is stunning!!! If you have enough beers today you will most certainly feel your age tomorrow [biggrin]


Carry on brother! [thumbup]


Ooo - I just looked up Knight guitars. Whoa! Beautiful stuff!

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